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How to Become Amazon Seller

how to become an amazon seller
June 28, 2022

Amazon is undoubtedly the largest e-commerce brand globally with its global presence. Amazon was founded in 1994 in Washington by Jeff Bezos from his garage and now is a global company.

The company extended its e-commerce operation to India with its launch in 2013 and ever since has been unstoppable. Millions of orders are fulfilled every day via Amazon due to a high level of trust.

Amazon supports small businesses or independent entrepreneurs by providing a platform to sell their products on the platform by becoming an Amazon seller.

The article details and provides step-by-step information on how to become an amazon seller and its tremendous benefits.

How to Become Amazon Seller

Why should you become a seller on Amazon?

  • Rising Demands –
    The e-commerce industry is growing at a lightning-fast speed with the increasing demand.

    The growth of retail sectors, increasing use of the internet, the convenience of home delivery, and FDI boost the demand for the e-commerce industry in India.

    With rising demand, e-commerce is expected to grow exponentially and help you secure regular payments.

    It is a great way to build your brand by selling through the largest e-commerce platform. Amazon is a global brand, and hence with the growing demand, becoming a seller on Amazon helps you sell to customers worldwide.

  • Logistics – 
    Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies, with its network everywhere. The ease of logistics and streamlined delivery process makes Amazon a reliable choice for sellers.

    Amazon fulfilled option is a convenient process by which Amazon fulfills every order for the product.

  • SellerApp’s tools are now available for Indian Marketplace – 
    The concept of Amazon sellers is relatively new in India. The introduction of the Seller App to the Indian marketplace sellers has made it convenient for the users.

    The app combines all essentials, including product research tools, advertising, and keyword research tool, to help sellers reach out to their target audience.

    The seller’s app helps you with an optimized listing of the product that gains higher visibility from the buyers.

  • Product sourcing – 
    India is undoubtedly one of the largest manufacturing hubs and many international companies or sellers source products from India.

    Amazon makes it easy for sellers to source the product and establish a long-term and steady business relationship.  It is convenient for international brands or customers to source products from you by registering yourself as a seller.

    This means higher earning potential and reaching a more comprehensive range of customers.

How To Become An Amazon Seller (2022)

Steps to Register yourself

To become a seller on Amazon, it is crucial to go through the steps of registration carefully. The first step is to go on the Amazon Seller Central Page ( and click on Start Selling.

Once you click on “Start Selling”, you have to fill in the information regarding the business. Keeping the necessary documents handy to ensure the process is completed is very essential.

Here are some of the crucial information necessary for the account creation process, and you are all set to start selling products on Amazon.

Business Entity Name

It is highly recommended to register as an Amazon seller partner as a business entity. There are various ways to get registered as a business:

LLP (limited liability partnership), Private Limited Company, or OPC (One Person Company). Here are the reasons to register yourself as a business entity on Amazon:

  • Smooth operation and limited liability protection
  • Prevent litigation and vendor/customer liability
  • Make it legal and authorized

Address and Phone Number

The next step in the registration process is providing the contact details. Once you fill in the business entity information, give the registered address and contact number.

Provide the phone number, which is registered once the SMS verification process is complete. Always make sure to provide a functional phone number that is reachable. The notification for the orders comes on the following number.

GST registration information

The sellers selling any products on Amazon with an applicable Goods and Service Tax require to provide the GSTN number to become eligible for selling products through Amazon.

However, Amazon allows registering for a GST and creating a GSTN number if the seller does not have an existing one via a third-party provider.

Methods to input Bank Account Information

To become an Amazon seller, it is important to add seller bank account information. Amazon processes all the payments via electronic transfer, and hence adding a bank account is essential.

The money is deposited in the bank account and hence adding the bank account is important. Keep the following bank details handy for completing the seller registration process:

  1. Bank Account Holder’s Name
  2. Bank Account Number
  3. Bank IFSC Code
  4. Account Type

The steps to adding a new bank account information to the seller account are:

  • Go to setting and click on the Account Info.
  • Open the Seller Account Information Page and click on the Bank Account Information.
  • Click Edit next to the Deposit Method.
  • Next to Bank Account Information, click add for the addition of new bank information.
  • Select the Bank Location Country by using the drop-down list.
  • In selecting a country with a currency other than the marketplace, you are selling in, additional steps are necessary. First, go to Currency Conversion Payment Agreement and checkbox on the Agreement. Make sure you read the Agreement.
  • Click submit

Once the GST information and bank account details are filled out, you can start selling on Amazon.

After fulfilling the information, complete the information related to the listing of the products, and it is ready to use. All the product listing is available on the Seller Dashboard.

How it works

Once all the information is provided and the registration process is complete, Selling products on Amazon becomes a simple process.

The product listing is important as it helps in showcasing your products. For a listing of each of the products, the following information is recommended:

  • Product Category
  • Brand name
  • Features of the product
  • Product Specification
  • Image
  • Price

The listings with clear information attract the customers and have the potential to sell out more than products that lack clear descriptions. Here are the steps to create a new product listing:

On listing a product, it generates ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Once the listing is complete, provide the following information to grab more eyeballs:

  • Title – Keep the first letter of every world capital. Character capacity is 200.
  • Image – Preferably 500 x 500 pixels or 1,000 x 1,000 pixels, which gives clarity and improves the quality of the listing.
  • Variation – Add the variations of the products in the listing, like sizes, colors, etc.
  • Features – Add short, descriptive points in bullet points. Be crisp and precise about explaining the features of the product.
  • Description – Improve the listing discoverability by the target audience through keyword optimization
  • Other offers – This is necessary when multiple sellers sell the same products. It might include price variation, shipping options, etc.

It is essential to use keyword research for the listing process to make sure the products have visibility amongst the target audience.

After the product listing is up, customers can make the purchase. As the customer makes the purchase, you get a notification on the registered number, requiring you to ship the product to the customer.

There are two ways by which you can ship out the product to the customer:

  • The first method is taking responsibility for the shipment. You can initiate the shipment and delivery process of the selected product ordered by the customer and confirm it.

  • A second and easier option is Amazon fulfillment. Amazon takes care of the fulfilment process, including storing, packing, and delivering the product to the customers. This is a convenient process, and Amazon takes care of the order fulfillment for a fee.

Once it is done, the amount is credited to your bank account after the commission or Amazon fee is deducted. The amount is credited to the account number provided while registering as an Amazon seller.


Amazon India reseller platform is an excellent opportunity for businesses and brands to sell their products online. Amazon is a huge platform and receives millions of orders every day; hence becoming a seller on Amazon increases product visibility and buyers.

By advertising the products well and optimizing the product with SEO, it becomes easy to reach the target audience and get more buyers.

The article summarizes how becoming a seller on Amazon India is beneficial for businesses. It outlines the steps involved in registration and what it takes to start successfully selling products on the Amazon platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need a license to sell on Amazon in India?

No, you do not need a license to sell on Amazon. However, the registration process must be complete before becoming a seller.

It is important to provide the business information and bank details for the registration process. License is not required as products sold on Amazon do not require government approval regulation. To become a seller, Amazon takes a fee on the sale.

Q2. Is it profitable to sell on Amazon India?

Yes, it is 100% profitable to sell on Amazon India. You can sell from anywhere and build a brand by selling on Amazon India.

As Amazon is the largest e-commerce site, it gives enormous visibility to listing the products in Amazon optimized manner. Amazon helps in connecting buyers to brands.

Q3. How do I become an Amazon Indian reseller?

To become an Amazon Indian reseller, you must register on the Amazon Seller Central Page. Go on to the and click on start selling.

Complete the registration process by providing business entity, address, phone, and bank account information. You need to provide a GSTN number for business entities. Once the registration is complete, list the products, and you are ready to sell.

We hope you liked our article on how to become an amazon seller , if you have any feedback or comments, do share in the comments section below.


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