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How To Add Featured Channels On YouTube

By prakash
Published on June 28, 2022

Featured channels are those which is promoted or pushed by the algorithm. This entails that content boosts its targeted audiences based on content quality.

Featured channels are those you have added to your channel for sharing with your audiences. You can add any of your favourite channels, friends, and family members.

Before featuring any channel, you should consider the needs and preferences of audiences. There are many benefits to adding YouTube channels.

Firstly, it helps you to increase subscribers. It is one of the easy ways to increase to improve viewers and reach to vast audience base.

Featured channels tend to attract large targeted audiences, building subscriber count as customers come back to view new content.

Its like a win-win condition as it helps your and the featured channels strengthen the audience base. 

Featured Channels will enable you to introduce the creator of the video. This will help create a personal connection as you will provide audiences with more varied types of content.

It will also help you generate income with increased subscriptions and YouTube adverts. Featuring Channels on YouTube will also improve the credibility amongst the audience.

This implies that the featured channel or content successfully meets the requirements or issues. It will help to develop trust and foster interaction with your channel.

The article will help to acquire information on how to add featured channels on YouTube Step-by-step. The steps will guide you through adding featured channels to your YouTube.

This article will also include frequently asked questions that will help answer your queries and doubts. The article is important if you want to open a YouTube channel or are already a YouTuber.

How To add Featured Channels On YouTube

Step 1- Open your account on YouTube. 

Step 2- Clicking the account icon located in the upper right corner

Step 3- Clicking the customize channel from your channel page.

Step 4- You must click on customization on YouTube Studios. It is generally located on the left side menu. Check out this video. 

Step 5- Click the button named Adding featured channels. 

Step 6- YouTube is built on an algorithm; hence, content is segregated based on the category. Therefore, be careful while choosing section names to add featured channels

Step 7- Enter the channel name or insert the URL after naming the section. This will help you add channels to that you have not subscribed.

Step 8- After which, small windows will open; using the down keys, you will be required to scroll downwards and tap on "featured channels."

Step 9- YouTube allows you to change the Featured channel list. Thus, it would help if you placed the cursor on lines = (doubled line ). Then, drag the content as per your choice of segments.

If you have named different segments, it will be easier for audiences to select the content they like. 


YouTube features channels valuable content that helps to attract audiences. In addition, YouTube allows you to endorse other people's content through your channel.

This helps you drive traffic towards your channel and maintain trust while enabling the featured channel owner to grow. You can add as many channels as you want by following a few steps.

In a nutshell, you can add content through customize button located on your account setting page. This will help you to add content as per the category.

Be consistent, and upload content that interests your audiences, which will help you generate traffic and increase the subscriber count. 

I hope you liked our article on how to add featured channels on YouTube , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 how to feature other channels on youtube channel in 2020?

You can feature other YouTube channels on your account by adding featured content to your channel. The featured content is held valuable or worthy by YouTube's algorithm.

As a result, the featured channels help you expand your viewership, boosting your channel traffic and recommendations.

Q2. How do you add a featured channel on YouTube 2021?

The addition of other channels on your YouTube is easy. First, click My Channel from your home page, tap customize and click add the channel.

Next, you need to give the name or segments of the channels you are adding; this helps to generate traffic on your account.

Q3.Can I feature other YouTube videos on my channel?

Yes, you can. YouTube allows you to feature content from your family and friends. You can use the customization button from your YouTube channel account setting. It is important to upload content regularly to keep your channel within the algorithm of YouTube.

Adding featured channels helps you to enlarge your audience.

Q4. What does a featured channel mean on YouTube?

YouTube featured channels are those that YouTube considers worth watching. It helps to grow your as well as others' channels. In addition, the featured channel video will help strengthen communities without hopping on any other social media.

This feature is generally hidden; not many YouTubers might know this technique to generate traffic and earn revenue.


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