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How do I edit my YouTube videos?

How do I edit my YouTube videos
December 20, 2021

Owning a YouTube channel earning money through it is a productive and interesting thing but staying active with the same is quite difficult.

From finding a video idea to posting a video, all require a lot of effort. But, if you see, the main element of YouTube is Videos.

On Youtube, the quality of the editing is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of some big youtube channels.

Therefore, to keep the popularity up, it is vital to maintain the quality of the videos by editing them.

Video Editing is essential for the YouTube channels as it allows a perfect flow to the videos.

How do I edit my YouTube videos

Video Editing is essential for the YouTube channels as it allows a perfect flow to the videos. The smoother the transition is, the more users will stick to your video.

There are many other benefits that perfect video editing can provide to a YouTuber But, not everyone has the best skills of editing, and many lack that knowledge of video editing.
For better YouTube video editing, the best way to edit things is with software. But, if you are thinking of using the software on a normal PC, then the decision can be wrong, you must
choose a video editing PC. Now, to make it more comprehensive here is a complete guide.

Why should you use a video editing PC to edit your YouTube videos?

Editing YouTube videos is not an easy task that can be carried on a normal PC. Normal PC is usually made for work or light usage. The system of the normal PC cannot be strong enough to be compatible with the editing software. Editing YouTube videos on a daily or weekly basis requires a strong PC system. 

But is it easy to find a video editing PC? Well, the answer is No. There are fewer chances that you can get a pre-built video editing PC. The solution for this is to go for a custom PC.

Building a video editing PC is going to be fun, and it will provide better compatibility. It is so because you are the one who will decide every part of the PC, be it graphics card, RAM, or storage. Therefore, it will be much better to build a custom PC.

Tools I use to edit my videos

1. Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effects is a digital application that is developed by Adobe Systems and you can download this adobe software from adobe creative cloud. Adobe After Effects is specialized in editing visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing.

This application is used for filmmaking, television production, and video games. Adobe After Effects is a non-linear editor, and media transcoder.

The functionality of this application can be extended to third-party integrations. These integrations include scripts, extensions, and plug-ins. With the plug-in integrations, Adobe After effects can perform advanced features.

These advanced features include 3D effects, physics engines, and particle systems. While with the After-Effect scripts, the functionality is increased to automate repetitive tasks. The third integration, which is After Effect Extensions, allows this application to interact with other CC apps.

2. Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is another video editing software which is developed by Adobe Incorporation. With Premiere Pro, you can edit high-resolution videos. This can be up to 10,240 × 8,192 resolution.

You can use this application for all the common purposes, be it broadcasting quality or high-definition video. With this application, you can import graphics, audio, and video.
3. Adobe Audition (Voice Editing software)

Adobe Audition is another editing software by Adobe. But this software is specifically designed for the enhancement of your audio. It is a digital audio recording and editing software. It works in Windows 10 or macOS 10.15 or later. It is compatible with every new generation operating system.

Steps I follow to edit my YouTube Video

1. Adding audio and visual assets to Premiere Project
Premiere is the best application that can be suitable for audio and visual editing. For adding new videos in the premiere, a user needs to create a new file first in the premiere pro. Then you have to add the raw file. These visual files are those files that you usually use for editing the videos.

2. Clean and enhance the audio

Once you have added the files to the system, the next step is to clean and enhance the audio of the video.

  1. To enhance the audio attached to your video in premiere pro right click on the video file and choose edit in the adobe audition option. These edits will be done through Adobe Audition. Then you have to select the clip.
  2. After clicking the file, the same audio version will be open in premiere pro and whatever changes are made in the audition, those changes will be saved directly in premiere pro.
  3. Now zoom the audio file and select the area which has the noise.
  4. The next step will be to select the Effect < Noise Reduction < Capture Noise selection.
  5. Once done, choose Effects< Noise Reduction< Noise Reduction Process.
  6. By confirming this, the unwanted noise will get removed from the file.

3. Cutting out all the mistakes from the video

The raw video can be of double length as it can have many lines which are repeated while recording. Therefore, it is crucial to cut all those mistakes.

  1. Check the audio waves and then cut out the gaps in them.
  2. These can be cut out by using Premiere shortcuts.
  3. Make sure that whatever changes you make, make sure they are perfect, to avoid mistakes, is recommended to re-watch the video

4. Syncing the footage with the talking head

Once the flow is created to the video, the next step is to sync the footage with the talking head. This will allow the video to not become boring and have a better reach. For this, you must have a screencast for the videos. To sync the talking head or screencast, look at the audio waves and change until it sounds similar.

5. Adding effects and animations

After the screencast sync, you may find big gaps. You can cut these gaps by using the same method as discussed above. You have to add effects and animations to fill the small gaps, these animations and effects must be added to make the video more entertaining and engaging.

6. Review the video and add finishing touches

Once you are done with the editing part, review the video completely from start to end. Check for the gaps, animation, and effects. If you feel something is not going perfect, change as per the requirement.


Editing YouTube videos is necessary if you want to have better reach and popularity. But it indeed requires specific knowledge. With this guide, we have listed the necessary tools and steps for editing the video and audio.

Therefore, follow the steps accurately. We know that using adobe software can be difficult for the first time but if you’re a total newbie in the editing world and want to start editing the video with something user-friendly then you can use camtasia.

Bonus Tip:-

  1. Arrange all the files properly, to avoid confusion in the future, it is recommended to make a separate folder for each software.
  2. Make sure you save your editing file from time to time in case your file is corrupted.


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