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Holidays In October 2022 in India

Holidays In October 2022 in India
By babita
Published on May 30, 2022

Want to know Holidays in October 2022? Well you have landed on the right article All the government holidays signify something to the nation or the people of the nation. These days are part of the nation's pride for many reasons.

Some holidays are dedicated to remembering the great personalities who lived in the country. And give them honor for what they did for the country in some way or another.

Some holidays are the events that play an important part in the history of the nation and some life events of great personalities inspire the current generation and the next generation for a bright future for the nation.

Some other holidays are related to the religious practices done by the different people of different religions.Here we present to you complete  list of holidays in october 2022 both public and government , the list also includes bank holidays in october 2022.

List Of Holidays In October 2022

  • Maha Saptami On Oct 2, 2022 Sunday

  • Gandhi Jayanti On Oct 2, 2022 Sunday

  • Maha Ashtami On Oct 3, 2022 Monday

  • Maha Navami On Oct 4, 2022, Tuesday

  • Vijaya Dashami On Oct 5, 2022, Wednesday

  • Eid E Milad On Oct 9, 2022, Sunday

  • Lakshmi Puja On Oct 24, 2022, Monday

  • Diwali On Oct 24, 2022, Monday

  • Govardhan puja On Oct 26, 2022, Tuesday

  • Bhai Duj On Oct 26, 2022, Wednesday

  • Chhath puja On Oct 30, 2022, Sunday

  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti On Oct 31, 2022, Monday

Description Of October Holidays In 2022

Maha Saptami

It is the seventh day of the Durga puja. The day is also known as the Saptami of Durga puja and this day is considered one of the most important days of Durga Puja.

It is believed on this day the ten-armed goddess Durga killed an evil buffalo demon and the day is celebrated as the victory of the goddess Durga. The devotees offer the goddess special dishes and seek her blessings.

Gandhi Jayanti

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi. He is known as the Father Of The Nation. This day marks the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

He was the most popular freedom fighter among the other freedom fighters and his different approach to non-violence made him quite popular even in the other nations.

He led the Dandi Salt March in 1930 and quit the India Movement in 1942. With his unique ideologies and philosophies, he was the man behind popular movements like non-violent and civil disobedience.

Maha Ashtami

This is the eighth day of the Durga puja celebration. This day is also known as Durgastami. Maha Ashtami falls on the Ashtami tithi of Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar.

Devotees keep a day-long fast and prepare for large-scale pujas in the temples and she is believed to be the goddess of power and people who seek power worship her for the same. The day ends with the sandhi puja.

Maha Navami

The ninth day of the Navratri (Nine Nights) is the Maha Navami. This is the last day of the Navratri festival. This is the eve of starting anything new on Vijaya Dashmil.

According to stories, the goddess battled Mahishasur and the ninth was the final day before the goddess won over the evil. Goddess Durga is worshipped as the Saraswati.

This day is considered to be the most important in the whole process of Durga Puja celebrations. If one gives his offering to the goddess it is equal to doing puja on all nine days.

Vijaya Dashami

Vijaya Dashami is the tenth day of the Navratri. According to the legends, on this day the goddess killed the demon called Mahishasur. This is the tenth month as per the Hindu calendar.

The celebration of this festival depends upon which part of the country you are in. If you are in north India this festival is celebrated as the Ramas' victory over Ravana and his two brothers.

If you are in southern India this day is the end of the Golu festival. Here the goddess Durga is worshipped and on this day children are introduced to formal education.

Eid E Milad

This day is celebrated as the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and it has its special place in Islam. This day is also known as Nabi day or Mawlid.

On this day people wear new clothes and pray in the mosques. In Muslim communities, young children learn about the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Men wear Jubbhas while women wear Abayas.

Lakshmi Puja

This puja is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. People worship Lakshmi on this day for wealth and prosperity in the family.

All the members of the family wear clean and new clothes because it is believed that Lakshmi visits the cleanest house first, so people also clean their homes to welcome the goddess to their homes.

The women of the household and girls are seen as the goddess Lakshmi herself. And small diyas are lit to please the goddess Lakshmi. 


It is the most popular festival among all of the festivals. It is celebrated in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. The festival is celebrated for five days.

People lit up their homes with diyas. It is the symbolism of the victory of good over evil. It is believed that on this day Rama comes home after 14 years of exile and the people of Ayodhya welcomed Rama by lighting up their homes with the diyas.

Govardhan Puja

The story says that on this day Lord Krishan lifted the Govardhan hill with his little finger to protect the people of Gokul from god Indra.

The devotees worship the hill and offer 56 varieties of food. The idols of Krishna and Radha are given a bath of milk and dressed in new clothes and new ornaments.

Bhai Dooj

This festival is a mark of the bond and protection among the brothers and their sisters. It is also known as Bhai Tika or Yama Dwitiya.

It is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha of Kartika month as per the Hindu calendar according to the legends on this day the god of death Yamraj finally meets his sister Yamuna after a long time and her sister welcomes him with love and celebration, seeing all the love from his sister Yamraj gave her a boon but her sister ask him to dedicate this day for all the brothers and sister. Hence this festival began.

Chhath Puja

Chhath puja or Chhath Parva this festival is dedicated to the Sun. As the sun is important to our lives thus people worship Sun.

To seek his blessings for a long, healthy life people believed that the sunrays of early morning can cure many diseases. The intention behind the ritual is to infuse cosmic solar energy which returns them to healthy and peaceful minds. 

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti

This day marks the birth anniversary of  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Who was the first Home Minister Of India to pay tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Pate on his birthday the government of India has dedicated his birth anniversary as The National Unity Day.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel played a crucial role in uniting the different states which were fusing to join India as a nation after getting independence. in his honor,  the world’s tallest statue of him is created by the government of India 


All the festivals are celebrated for personalities' birthdays or any religious reason but what is important is that they teach valuable lessons to us about unity and enjoying each other's company. These festivals bring us together and teach us about our history.

I hope you liked our article on Holidays in October 2022, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I take the public holiday of one state in another state?

Public holidays are very subjective to the state in which you are. And every state has its own public holidays which may not be celebrated in other states. 

So the question of taking a holiday from one state to another state is obvious to come to mind and the answer is no as stated previously public holidays are very subjective to the state in which you live. So you can’t take off on a public holiday in another state.

Q2. Are public holidays mandatory in India?

Public holidays are very subjective to the state in which you live but a holiday that is celebrated in one state need not be celebrated in the other or all over India for that matter because the choice of declaring a public holiday is within the hand of the states except some which are mandatory for the whole nation.  

Q3. How many public holidays should a company give in India?

It depends on which state your company is located. Except for 3 mandatory National holidays which are 15 August, 2 Oct, and 26 Jan all the other holidays depend upon the state and there are also some company leave policies.

Generally, a company has 12 mandatory holidays which include 3 national days but not necessarily all the public holidays.


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