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Gurpurab 2022

gurpurab 2022
By babita
Published on May 30, 2022

Gurpurab 2022 will be celeberated on 8 november 2022 .It is a Sikh religious festival. People living in Punjab and following the religion know that Gurpurab can mean any important event related to one of the ten Gurus and other important teachers whose teachings have been added to the Adi Granth, the holy book of the Sikhs.

However, to the general public, Gurpurab mostly refers to the birth anniversary of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev.

We will be talking about all the different Gurpurab or events (parv) of the teachers (gurus) that are observed by the Sikhs.

It is interesting to note that a majority of these events do not fall on the same date of the western calendar. These fall on the marked days of the months of the Nanakshahi calendar. We will explore all these, and more, below.

When exploring the different Sikh festivals, we can divide these into three major types. The first ones that are most commonly celebrated are the birthdays of the ten Gurus and the scriptures.

The next type covers the death anniversaries of the ten Gurus, also known as Jyoti Jot Divas. The last category of Gurupurabs celebrates the saints, poets and important personalities of the Sikh faith.

Gurpurab 2022


Guru Nanak Dev  8 Nov 2022

Guru Angad Dev 1 May 2022

Guru Amar Das  10 Sept 2022

Guru Ram Das  11 Oct 2022

Guru Arjan Dev  23 April 2022

Guru Hargobind  15 June 2022

Guru Har Rai  14 Feb 2022

Guru Har Krishan  22 July 2022

Guru Teg Bahadur  21 April 2022 

Guru Gobind Singh  9 Jan 2022

Guru Granth Sahib  28 Aug 2022

Jyoti Jot Divas

Guru Nanak Dev  8 Nov 2022

Guru Angad Dev 1 May 2022

Guru Amar Das  10 Sept 2022

Guru Ram Das  11 Oct 2022

Guru Arjan Dev  23 April 2022

Guru Hargobind  15 June 2022

Guru Har Rai  14 Feb 2022

Guru Har Krishan  22 July 2022

Guru Teg Bahadur 21 April 2022

Guru Gobind Singh 9 Jan 2022

Guru Granth Sahib  28 Aug 2022

Saints, poets, teachers and events

Birth Baba Deep S 27 Jan 2022

Wadda Ghallughara 9 Feb 2022

Birth Bhagat Ravi Das 16 Feb 2022

Saka Nandana Sahib  21 Feb 2022 

Nanakshahi New Year 14 March 2022

Holla Mahalla 19 March 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Har Rai 30 March 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Amar Das 2 April 2022

Sahibzada Jujhar Singh 9 April 2022

Vaisakhi 14 April 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Teg Bahadur 15 April 2022

Birth Bhagat Dhana  21 April 2022

Shaheedi of 40 Mukte 4 May 2022

Bhagat Kabir 14 May 2022 

Shaheedi Banda S. Bahadur 25 June 2022

Shaheedi Bhai Mani Singh 9 July 2022

Shaheedi Bhai Taru Singh 16 July 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Arjan Dev 29 Aug 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Ram Das 8 Sept 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Angad Dev 15 Sept 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Har Krishan 19 Sept 2022

Birth Baba Buddha Ji 23 Oct 2022

Bandhi Chhor Divas 24 Oct 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Granth Sahib 27 Oct 2022

Saka Panja Sahib 30 Oct 2022

Birth Mata Sahib Kaur 3 Nov 2022

Birth Bhagat Namdev 4 Nov 2022

Shaheedi Baba Deep Singh 15 Nov 2022 

Birth Baba Gurditta 19 Nov 2022

Gurgaddi Guru Gobind Singh 26 Nov 2022

Birth Sahibzada Zoravar S. 30 Nov 2022

Birthday Sahibzada Fateh S.14 Dec 2022

Saka Chamkaur Sahib 22 Dec 2022

Shaheedi Sahibzada Ajit S.22 Dec 2022

Shaheedi Sahibzada Jujhar S.22 Dec 2022

Shaheedi Sahibzada Joravar S.27 Dec 2022

Shaheedi Sahibzada Fateh S. 27 Dec 2022

Whether you are someone celebrating Gurpurab or someone fascinated by the history of the Sikh religion, this exhaustive list of important events is meant for you. We hope you found this informative and enlightening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Gurpurab is today?

June has many Gurpurabs, the major ones being the birthday of Guru Arjan Dev which is to be celebrated on the 3rd of June this year.

Q2. How many Gurpurabs are there?

There are scores of events throughout the year that are marked as Gurpurabs, including the birth dates, martyrdom or jyoti jot divas of the ten Gurus and of Guru Granth Sahib.

Apart from that, there are gurgaddi days, historical events, birth dates of other important figures mentioned in the Guru Granth Sahib, etc. that are celebrated as Gurpurabs.

To narrow it down, the four major ones celebrated throughout the world are the birthday and jyoti jot divas of Guru Nanak Dev, birthday of Guru Gobind Singh and that of Guru Granth Sahib.

Q3. What is the date of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti?

This year, the birthday or Jayanti of Guru Gobind Singh will fall twice in the western calendar. The first one being January 9, 2022 and the second one being December 29, 2022.

Q4. What is the next Sikh festival?

The next Sikh festival to be celebrated is the birth anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev on the 3rd of June, 2022. 


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