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Full Stack Developer Salary In India

full stack developer salary
June 30, 2022

The world of technology and the internet is rapidly changing and thus the job description and the employment market in the information technology industry are also evolving. Full Stack Developer is one of the major job roles in this sector.

Full Stack developer implies a person who is apt in both front-end as well as back-end operations. By the front end, we mean the visually appealing part of the website whereas the back end signifies towards the technical handling part of the website.

In technical words, a full stack developer must be aware of both the client-side as well as the server-side of the software. A full stack developer might not know all the technicalities of this job but he must have a genuine interest in the software.

A full stack developer must be aware of the following - 

  • How a browser is programmed 
  • How a database is programmed 
  • How a server is programmed 

Full Stack Developer Salary In India

The starting salary package of a full stack developer in India on an average is 6.6 LPA which comes down to INR 50,055 - 51,236 monthly. But most of the time bonus, profit sharing and other variable components are also part of the full stack developer’s salary.

The highest salary of a full stack developer can go as high as 15.50 lakhs

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DBS Bank




HCL Technologies




Tech Mahindra




Societe Generale




JP Morgan Chase











IVTL Infoview Technologies








DXC Technology




Reasons why full stack developers are in demand?

Full Stack developers are considered to be an asset to the company. They are complete specialists when it comes to both back-ends as well as front-end jobs.

Be it a startup or a corporate they are always a must-have for every company.

Following are some of the major reasons of why a full stack developer is always in demand -

  • Unrestricted Demand - Be it any size of the organisation and any business nature, a full stack developer is a must-have. Any company having a digital interface must have a full-stack developer.

    As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there is a requirement of approximately 8,53,000 full-stack developers by 2024. Thus, this position also opens the door to your overseas dreams.

  • Growth in Knowledge and Learning - Full stack developer is a complete package in itself. Thus, there is no dearth of knowledge and learning in this job role.

    The developer has to go beyond his competence and keep evolving to keep pace with the technical landscape.

  • Work Flexibility - More and more employees these days opt for a job role that offers job flexibility. Full-stack developer is one of such jobs which offers the highest degree of work flexibility. Full Stack developers can work from any corner of the globe and at any time. 

The emergence of startups

India is witnessing an immense increase in the number of startups. Post-Covid, there are over 61,400 startups as recognized by the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.

Out of which 14,000 were started in 2022 itself, as per the Economic Survey 2021-22. Since Full stack developers are a package in itself, thus many startups prefer to hire full stack developers only.

Full Stack Developers are also known to be immensely flexible. They possess complete knowledge of design, architecture, databases and much more.

They are termed as “UNICORNS” by the organisation because of their diverse set of experience and knowledge. They have complete control over the web infrastructure and thus they are a true life saviour in modern startups.

And it is believed that once the organisation grows, the startup will also grow accordingly. Thus, having a full stack developer in the team is highly beneficial for a startup.

It allows the managerial team to keep the team size small yet highly efficient

Changing culture inside a company

Full Stack Development is more of a culture. It is a full-time approach in itself.

Earlier, the technical industry majorly saw front-end and back-end people but there is a middle line also in between them. This middle line is termed full stack development.

Full stack developers are the one who views the complete system as a whole. They don’t visualise a single component but they try to solve the complete problem in order to get the best solution for their customers.

Full stack developers are extremely useful when you are looking to optimise the cost and arrive at a solution quickly and efficiently. But hiring a full stack developer is not the end to all your technical woes.

Some technical issues are extremely big to be tackled by only one person. For instance, Google’s Coebase has two billion lines of code. That requires a team of experts.

Thus, it's important to visualise full stack development as a means rather than an end to itself.

Programming efficiency

A full stack developer is required to be a complete pro at his job and understanding.

He must be well versed with the front and back-end technologies, version control systems, APIs, security best practices, servers, applications, data practices, data algorithms and user interface designs.

He must also have an excellent grip of soft skills, project management and DevOps.

Some of the most important stacks for a front end developer are:

1. MEAN Stack: 

  • Web Framework: Node.js 
  • Front End Framework: JavaScript and AngularJS 
  • Database: MongoDB 
  • Back End Framework: Express.js

2. LAMP Stack: 

  • Database: MySQL 
  • Programming and Development PHP 
  • Web Server: Apache 
  • Operating System: Linux 
  • FrontEnd Framework: Java Script

3. MERN Stack: 

  • Database: MongoDB 
  • Building UI: Node.js and React 
  • Web Programming Framework: Express 

What are the skills required for a full stack developer?

Full Stack developers are the ones who must possess a blend of technical skills, programming language, multiple frameworks as well as databases.

They must be proficient at 

  • Well familiar with the concepts required in making the final product 
  • Fully aware of the automated concepts and technical processes in the engineering domain 
  • Security standards while finalising the product 
  • A complete pro at web services, APIs, libraries and database management system

What are the technical skills required for a full stack developer?

There are some specific technical skills that a full stack developer must-have. Let’s understand the various layers for the full stack developer and what must go inside it:

  • Front End -

    The front end part is also called the visual part of the interface. This is what is available and seen by the users. For this, a full stack developer must be a pro in the following front-end technologies: Javascript, HTML, JQuery, CSS3 and likewise.

  • Back End -

    This is known as the logic or the technical layer of the interface. The data validation part forms the crux of the back-end technology.

    A full stack developer must be fully aware of the programming languages like Python, PHP and Java to excel in the back-end section.

  • Database Layer -

    This is the central part and it must have a database management system for extraction, creation, manipulation and deletion of the data. A developer must also be fully aware of the management tools as well as software like Oracle, SQL, MySQL etc.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is responsible for both the front end and the back end job, His major roles and responsibilities can be summarised as - 

  • Designing and developing the software 
  • Fully aware of automated methods and processes of the engineering 
  • Adhering to all the security standards 
  • Coding applications to create chained links in the software 

Career path of a full stack developer

The career path of a full stack developer involves learning new skills and programming languages. The developer must stay updated with what is going around in the technical forum.

When you have just obtained a degree in computer science and are looking for your first job. Then try to gain an edge over others by doing some additional courses and programs.

You can have an entry-level position for up to 3 years. To move quickly to the next position, make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge and skills in the industry.

And then with a number of years of experience you can become the Chief Technical officer within the next 8-10 years.

Salary For Freshers And Experienced Full Stack Developers

A full stack web developer salary with an entry-level experience of 1-4 years has an average of INR 5.5 lacs. A mid-level full stack developer can have a salary of 12-14 lakhs with an experience of 5-9 years.

But there is a huge difference in the salary when it comes to skill set as well as the job location. For instance, Bangalore offers the highest salary to an entry-level full stack developer.

The salary range starts from approximately INR 6 lacs and can go as high as 30 l for a senior-level full stack developer. A full stack developer with the knowledge of python skills can earn up to INR 3.37 lacs whereas one with angular skills can earn up to 9.26 lacs.

Why become a full stack developer?

Being a full stack developer is not only professionally but personally exciting as well.

Below given are some of the most important reasons why a professional should venture into the field of full stack developer:

  • Demand is quite high: There is an immense need for full stack developers because they have the expertise as well as complete control over the technical system of the company.

  • Good Pay: Since there is a huge demand for full stack developers, there is no shortage of a good pay cheque for this job role.

  • Efficiency: - Full stack developers are highly efficient because they handle multiple jobs under one single job role. This is quite successful in cost-cutting as well as achieving optimum results.


In this article we talking about full stack developer Salary.

Undoubtedly, a full stack developer is one of the most lucrative careers in the technical field. But you need proper education and technical expertise to reach that level.

Also, make sure that in between you must be going through various certification programs so that you can excel and stay updated as per your current employment need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which company pays the highest salary for full stack developers in India?

J P Morgan Chase is one of the highest-paying companies for a full stack developer in India

Q2. Which full stack developer has the highest salary?

A software engineer has the highest salary among the other job roles under the full stack developer.

Q3. How much salary for a full stack developer?

The starting salary range for a full stack developer is 5.5 Lacs and it can go as high as 18-20 lacs.

Q4. What is the average salary of full stack developer in India in TCS?

An entry-level full stack developer in TCS can earn 5.1 lakhs on average.


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