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Earn Money by Answering Questions Online in India

earn money by solving questions

Earn money by solving questions quick money in India is a million-dollar question that has most likely entered everyone's mind at some point.

Depending on whatever site you join, you can make money online by answering questions posed by users. Someone will ask you a question after you register, and you will get compensated for answering it. 

To answer inquiries online or over the phone, the most significant qualification you need is your knowledge in an area or more. 

If you also have good research skills, you may use the internet to investigate numerous topics and find answers to specific inquiries, which will allow you to earn more money.

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Earn Money By Answering Questions Online In India

How To Earn Money By Solving Questions

There are websites dedicated to offering customers these kinds of services. People can ask questions about any topic on these websites, and experts can answer them in exchange for money. Some of the most important websites are described below. 

1. Presto Experts

PrestoExperts is known for online question solving providing 24/7 support for a wide range of questions in any field.

By creating a profile on their website, you can begin working as an expert with PrestoExperts.

Include a photo with your profile, according to the company.

To become a member of PrestoExperts, you must fill out an application form that includes your personal information as well as your experience in the industry.

The best aspect is that you can register for as many categories as you want, as long as you specialise in each of them. 

Payment and Rates:  

  • PrestoExperts reimburses its consultants by cheque or PayPal. 

  • Experts typically charge a flat rate of $2 per minute and then work from there.


2. Chegg

Chegg is a corporation that rents both digital and physical textbooks, as well as provides online tutoring and other educational services to students.

Chegg India recruits Indian subject matter experts to answer students' queries online through the Chegg Study platform, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week answer the question and earn money.

Just click on sign up and provide your email id and create a password to register for this site.

Subjects that can be taught here include Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Healthcare, etc. 

Payment and Rates:  

  • Pay ranges from 97 INR to 168 INR per question and is deposited directly to the bank account. 


3. Just answer

JustAnswer is the most popular website where professionals can do answer questions and earn money.

Chegg is a secure and legal website for students of all ages and grades, but it must be utilised responsibly.

Chegg should not be used to replicate content or plagiarise your answers, as stated previously.

As a result, the platform is secure, and the tutors who work with Chegg are genuine.

Payment and Rates:  

  • Users of JustAnswer get paid via PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards. 

  • Payment rates for each question range from $20 to $50 or more per question.


4. Maven

Maven is a well-known micro-consulting firm that employs people from all over the world.

Maven serves as a worldwide knowledge marketplace for businesses to make decisions, perform research, fill out surveys, and provide insights.

These advisors assist users in making day-to-day decisions. To become a micro-consultant, you have to register yourself and fill out an application form.

After that, choose an hourly consulting rate that you believe is reasonable and begin establishing your profile. 

Payment and Rates:  

  • Based on their knowledge, Maven consultants determine their hourly charges. 

  • Check is the method through which Maven compensates its users. 


5. School Solver

School solver, which was launched in 2015, is a marketplace where students may seek help with homework questions, answers, and projects.

Accounting, biology, mathematics, basic and advanced English, chemistry, physics, and statistics are just a few of the subjects that can be taught here.

This website connects students in need of assistance with assignment solvers. Simply ask your question, and many tutors will respond with step-by-step answers.

After that, you can buy whichever option fits your budget best. You can become a Q&A specialist on this site after passing the Pass School solution guidelines and subject quizzes.

Payment and Rates:  

  • They pay anywhere from $0.5 to $25 for each question and accept PayPal and other payment methods.


6. Experts123

Another question and answer software are Experts123. Experts 123 is a website where you may publish articles on a variety of topics.

You can contribute as a contributor if you are knowledgeable on the topics they discuss. You'll make more money if your articles have more visitors.

To use the website, you must first register and then fill out your profile. You can write articles about technology, health and beauty, and a wide range of other subjects. 

You don't get a set amount of money for answering inquiries or creating articles.

 Payment and Rates: 

  • freelance writers can make upto $10-$20. Experts123 uses PayPal to pay its users.


7. Toppr

Toppr works tirelessly to use innovative technologies to alleviate student problems and help them study more effectively.

It includes about 1.5 million learning pieces in subjects such as physics, maths, chemistry, biology, science, English, accountancy, business, economics, and legal studies, among others.

On top of this solid infrastructure, we apply artificial intelligence-based machine learning algorithms to develop individualised learning paths for millions of students. 

To become a site Q&A specialist Choose your disciplines and pass the Communication Skill, General Aptitude, and Subject Test tests.

Payment and Rates: 

  •  They pay between INR 40 and INR 100 per question and send funds directly to your bank account.


8. Help Owl

Help Owl assists, individuals, by offering answers to their questions and rewarding those who do so with points.

This is a no-cost question-and-answer website. You must first make an account before you can start answering questions.

Although the questioners do not pay you to answer their questions, the more you react, the more points you get.

You will receive 750 points for writing a corporate evaluation, 50 points for asking a question, and 10-1000 points for answering the question. 

Payment and Rates:

  • Amazon and Walmart gift cards are used by HelpOwl to recompense its members. By redeeming 50,000 points, you can obtain a $10 gift card.


9. Course Hero

 In 2006, Andrew Grauer, a college student, launched Course Hero, an online learning platform providing course-specific study tools.

Course Hero assists students as they seek assistance and resources to better grasp their material, prepare for examinations, learn, and recall.

Students can access millions of learning materials in subjects such as Arts & Humanities, Business, Engineering & Technology, Math, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language, and others by subscribing or contributing their resources.

To become an expert, you must first choose a subject and then upload the necessary education and experience papers. 

Payment and Rates:

  • They paid between $0.5 and $5 for each question and used PayPal to make their payments.


10. Earn.com

Earn.com is a similar website that accepts Bitcoin as payment. Earn.com's concept is to employ experts in various fields and pay them to respond to emails and complete tasks. 

To become a member of Earn.com, you must first create a profile and then join lists depending on your talents and knowledge.

When you're finished, you'll start receiving communications about your area of expertise from researchers, recruiters, and companies.

You earn money by answering them. You can also earn more by doing brief chores.

Payment and Rates:

  • Payment methods for this are only limited to bitcoin, hence if you want to explore more in cryptocurrency, this can be a suitable site for you. 

11. Study Pool

Studypool is similar to JustAnswer, with the exception that it focuses solely on schoolwork. Studypool works methodically.

Students post questions, along with a budget and a deadline for answering them. 

Academic instructors respond to the question in a thorough and detailed manner.

The tutor who answers the question is paid. Studypool covers subjects like Accounting, Article Writing, Art and Design, Business and Finance, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Computer Science, Law, history and political science.

Payment and Rates:

  • According to the Studypool website, as an instructor, you can make up to $5,000 per month, Payment can be received directly in the bank account for this.


12. Transtutors

It is one of the most popular in-demand sites for earning money by answering academic questions on various subjects. 

This site is used all over the world in various countries. College students who need part-time money for their expenses can use this site to answer academic questions related to their subject. 

It was founded in the year 2007 and has simple signup and registration method. 

Subjects available to teach on this site include Management, Accounts, writing, science, engineering, finance, computer science etc. 

Payment and Rates:

  • Around 50 to 400 bucks can be earned per question on this site and a direct deposit to the bank is possible.


13. Fixya

Fixya is a website that offers solutions to people's problems or questions about products. 

Users can pose a question directly to the experts if no possible answers are accessible, and they will respond by email

Experts are typically unpaid when they answer queries, but after you become a premium expert, you will begin to be compensated. 

Active participation in the community is required to become a premium expert. 

Experts are awarded points ranging from 1-to 3 based on the quality of their responses.

Payment and Rates:

  • FixYa premium experts make between 210 INR and 350 INR for every answer. 
  • You can also provide live assistance to users and set your own fees.
  • Payment is directly done into a bank account.


14. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a completely genuine survey site that allows users an opportunity to earn their side income by answering basic questions.

You do not need to have expert knowledge on various subjects to answer the questions. The site is easy to use.

Here is how it works : 

  • You need to do is log in to the website.
  • Select the survey that you are interested in and answer the questions in the survey.
  • For every survey that you complete, you earn Swag bucks.

Payment and Rates:

For every 100 swag bucks you earn, you receive a dollar or equivalent gift card. The gift cards can be redeemed on Amazon or other e-commerce websites. Or you can even directly transfer the money to your PayPal account or your credit to your card. One thing that makes it unique is that the money can be directly sent to you via email.


15. SurveyJunkie


This website partners with reputable and well-known companies that need valuable consumer input for developing their product and services that cater to the specific needs of their consumers.

The website is user-friendly and the survey is easy so that even a child can fill them. 

Here is how it works : 

  • All you need to do is create an account using your Gmail.
  • Fill in the survey that the website offers you to fill and boom you made virtual points that 

Payment details : 

You can easily redeem as gift cards for Target, Starbucks, GameStop, and many more such companies. Or you can directly transfer the money to your PayPal or your Amazon wallet.

However, you might need to fill in more of these surveys to make a sizable amount of money since these surveys are among the easiest to answer. 


16. Inbox Dollars


Another answer to the make money website is the Inbox Dollars.

This website has other options to make money apart from just filling in survey questionnaires.

Unlike the previous websites, INboxDollars offers its customers the chance to make money by seeing advertisements and completing surveys. 

Here is how it works : 

  • Create a profile using your Gmail or Facebook account
  • There are a variety of tasks, such as surveys, and games, choose one of them
  • Complete the task and you will earn points. 

Payment details : 

The payment for surveys varies depending on the companies that post the survey. Through several methods, including Paypal and e-gift cards, the funds amassed in your Inbox Dollars account can be exchanged for real cash. 


17. Opinion Outpost


As the name suggests the website asks the general public for a variety of opinions on various topics that allows the big companies to assess market behavior.

Essentially you are spending your spare time helping the companies in their market research, thus you are doing something productive.

The website also has ads that you can sit back and view to earn rewards.

Here is how it works : 

  • Fill in your details and create an account
  • Click on fill the survey and you will be directed to available surveys
  • Each survey you fill out will earn you opinion points
  • The signing-up process is not as complex as people think. The website collects no user information and it respects consumer privacy.

Payment details :
You can earn up to 50 Ops which you can redeem as cash or in gift cards of various popular brands including Dominos, GameStop, Nike, Macy’s, Apple, and many more popular and useful websites. You can also get the money directly transferred to your PayPal account. You also have the option to transfer the card to your friends and family.


18. Weegy


If you are an expert in a topic or a subject, then this website is a money-making machine for you.

The website has users that ask for answers to one or two questions in exchange for money.

The experts on the website can answer these questions and get directly paid by the one who posed the question. It is a win-win situation for both parties. It is an easy-to-use website. 

The website has a sophisticated algorithm that determines who can be deemed an expert, thereby, ensuring the answers posted have quality. It is the simplest and quickest way to earn.

Here is how it works : 

  • Log in to the Weegy website.
  • Start answering questions and add comments on posts.
  • If the user finds your answers helpful you will receive points.
  • Points will give your profile credibility and help you become an expert and earn more.

Payment details : 

You can withdraw from your account a minimum of 20 dollars from your PayPal account. The platform also allows its users to earn bonus redeemable rewards through refer and earn plans.


19. 6ya


This website is a peer-to-peer question-and-answer website. If you think you are an expert in a subject then using this website for an hour can make you a lot of money.

The website is a community-based site that helps experts to connect with people who possess questions to be answered.

The experts then can choose to take the call from these persons and solve their queries and can get paid. 

Here is how it works : 

  • Set up your personal profile
  • Select the category on which you can provide service
  • Set your calling rates
  • You can schedule the timing of the calls too 

Payment details : 

One of the things that make this website unique is its 100-dollar sign-in bonus reward. The thing to remember is that you cannot get any money if the duration of the call is less than a minute. For any call that is longer than it, the platform directly pays you $3.

20. Pinecone research

Pinecone research

It is among the most trusted platforms that gathers the views of consumers from around the world.

Big corporations require user data to make upgrades to their products and services and they pay the general public for it.

Here is how it works :

  • Sign in to the website using your Gmail.
  • Create your profile, the site will ask for your interest.
  • You will start receiving survey that matches your profile.

Payment details :

For each survey you fill out, you get approximately $3 in the form of points. Each survey is approximately 10 to 20 minutes long. Through a number of methods, including Paypal and e-gift cards, the funds amassed in your Inbox Dollars account can be exchanged for real cash. Additionally, you can give your hard-earned money to your preferred charity or even give it as a present to a friend.


21. Bestmark


It is one of the most intriguing websites on this list. The website, in addition to asking the users to fill in surveys, asks for their personal experiences.

The users are directed to visit the online shopping web page and comment on the ease of navigation, smoothness of user interface, and many other such questions.

The companies then use your insights to develop their webpage in exchange for cash.

Here is how it works : 

  • Set up a profile on the website.
  • The site will brief you on tasks and the business you will be visiting.
  • You will work as a contractor pretending to be a regular customer.
  • After shopping in the business, you need to write a report your experience.

Payment details : 

On average, you can make around 12 dollars for online webpage visits and approximately 60 dollars for visiting the shop in person as a field representative. 


22. Answeree


It is another peer-to-peer question-and-answer website that helps you make instant and easy cash online.

It is a website for people who want to help others by using their knowledge. 

Here is how it works :

  • Set up your profile on the website.
  • You will need to browse through the questions.
  • The question you answer will earn you 10 points.
  • For comments that you post will give you 4 points.

Payment details : 

The points you gained by answering questions can be redeemed directly to your Paypal account. For every answer you post you get 1 cent. You can withdraw a minimum amount of 30 dollars from this website. However, one needs to answer a whole lot of questions to make a sizable income. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this website if you have an interest in the subject matter. 


23. Live Person


This is the website for those who are experts in a subject, and can answer questions but are reluctant to talk to strangers over a phone call.

The website is a chat-based site that connects its users to experts that can solve their queries.

It allows the users to make a decent amount of money by assisting other users with their questions. 

Here is how it works : 

  • You need to sign in to the website and create a profile
  • You will get trained to answer the question regarding a product or services
  • Customers’ questions will be directed to you which you need to answer via live chat or email. 

Payment details : 

The company pays the users via PayPal. Payments made are monthly and you can withdraw a minimum of 50 dollars.


In the above article, we have discussed thirteen of the most used websites where you can earn money by solving questions related to academics and other topics.

These websites, like anything else, necessitate hard effort and attention. However, you will be able to make a good living with them over time. So, to earn some extra cash, start using these websites right now. 

Frequently Added Questions  

Q1. How can I earn money by uploading questions?

A1. Certain websites and mobile applications let you earn money by uploading questions. These can be any academic questions or a previous year's question paper for any kind of academic exam.

Some examples of such websites are WebExam, Studyrate.in etc. Money obtained by answering questions from these sites can be directly deposited in your bank account.

Q2. How to earn money by answering questions online in India from Doubtnut? 

A2. During the off-season, you can make roughly 3,000–5,000 per month, and the number of doubts increases during test time. During peak season, you can expect to make between $5,000 and $15,000 per month.

The amount you earn is determined by the number of doubts you clear. You can directly deposit this into your bank account.

Q3. Is Chegg India safe?

A3. Chegg is a secure and legal website for students of all ages and grades, but it must be utilised responsibly. Chegg should not be used to replicate content or plagiarise your answers, as stated previously.

As a result, the platform is safe, and Chegg's tutors are real.


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