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Earn Money By Solving Maths Problems Online In India

earn money by solving math's problems online in india

Want to know how to earn money by solving math's problems online in India. When it comes to arithmetic, people who are brilliant at it have fewer professional alternatives when they finish their studies. 

You can teach in a school, college, or university setting. Thousands of arithmetic geniuses are already profiting handsomely from these services. If you are gifted in mathematics, continue reading this post; it is written specifically for you. 

Alternatively, study this page, master the concepts presented, and pass it on to your friends or family members who excel in mathematics. If you answered yes, it's time to put your skills to work and earn a living by assisting others.

If you're a talented mathematician seeking methods to make money solving math problems, there are a plethora of online platforms where you may put your abilities to use. 

Your knowledge is priceless to other pupils. Simply by doing what you do best, you can help others improve their math skills while also earning money.

List of 16 Websites To Earn Money By Solving Math's Problems Online In India

The top learning websites connect students with teachers, lecturers, or math experts to assist them in solving homework difficulties; the platforms have been reviewed and based on our research. 

They are the greatest and most trustworthy website that provides these fantastic opportunities to get paid to solve math problems online, so you may start getting paid to tackle your favourite topics online. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Microsoft math Solver

solve math's and earn money Microsoft Math Solver is an all-in-one program that can aid with everything from basic arithmetic to quadratic equations, calculus, and statistics.

Math Solver employs Artificial Intelligence to recognize and solve problems quickly.

But wait, there's more. It also includes worksheets and video demonstrations, as well as a step-by-step explanation.

Learners can sketch, scan, or input problem statements into the program. 

Alternatively, you can use the app's scientific calculator to fill in the issue statement.

Microsoft Math Solver gives fast answers as well as step-by-step instructions on a variety of problem-solving techniques.

Students may grasp and remember things more easily with interactive definitions and explanations.


2. Photomath

solve math and earn money Photomath is a mathematical problem-solving program. Photomath is the ideal platform for you to use your math skills to make money online. 

Photomath is the most widely used math app for solving any problem; it is often referred to as a step-by-step math solver

The program detects, solves, and intuitively explains math problems to users. 

Its mission is to assist people in comprehending and mastering mathematics. To begin earning on Photomath, you must be at least 18 years old. 

If you meet the first criterion, go ahead and sign up for an account at the link below to become a Photomath expert.

After providing basic credentials and personal information, you'll be enrolled on the Photomath marketplace.


3. Paper Coach

PaperCoach helps high school, undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. students with their course work, book reviews, essays, dissertations, admission essays, CVs, and cover letters, among other things.

PaperCoach takes a new approach, focusing on explicit guarantees and timely delivery of all projects. 

To avoid being late, keep an eye on the progress of the document. 

Paper Coach uses specialized LinkedIn groups, but you can also submit your CV to be considered for a project. 

However, you must have a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. to be considered for a writer position.

Paper Coach pays a minimum of $8 per hour. Depending on your academic level and the complexity of your writing style, you may be able to earn more. 


4. Preply

This is an excellent resource for math teachers looking for tutoring opportunities. 

Math teachers can use Preply to discover students and earn extra money.

Preply offers a lucrative option to make money online by teaching math. 

It's incredibly easy to apply for these tutoring jobs. 

All you have to do is build a tutor profile on their platform and apply for jobs that fit your qualifications.

Preply is an online tutoring platform where people from all over the world may give their educational skills in subjects ranging from math to art to humanities to business and natural sciences. 

Depending on your talent and expertise, you can get paid to do math problems online for $50 per hour. Tutors typically make roughly $500 per week.


5. UpWork

It is currently the most widely used freelance platform on the planet solve question and earn money. 

Upwork has freelance employment in practically every area of the IT business, as well as online Math jobs. 

To apply for math jobs, you must first create an Upwork profile and fill out as much information as possible about your skills and experience. 

You'll get the job if the clients appreciate your proposal.

Paypal, Payoneer, and bank transfer are the payment methods, and your earnings are based on the jobs you choose to undertake on the site. 

This has its advantages, such as a wider customer base and increased employment opportunities.

Upwork, unlike some of the other platforms featured, requires a higher level of arithmetic skill.  


6. Tutor.Com

solve math problems for money Every student deserves a personal tutor, and Tutor.com is committed to promoting equity, opportunity, and achievement for all students. 

In schools and communities, they aim to create optimism, advance equity, and catalyze accomplishment.

It's free to join, but you must be a current resident of the United States or Canada who is eligible to work there or have a degree from a recognized US or Canadian university.  

The entire application procedure can take anything from one to three weeks to complete.

You'll be invited to take an exam in one of their 21 high-demanding courses once your application has been accepted. The subject you earn determines your hourly rate.


7. Math Cash app

Not only can you earn money by performing arithmetic, but you can also complete crossword puzzles, and Sudoku, and take part in the mystery number challenge with the Math Cash App. 

The way it works is going to wow you. In a game of mathematical expressions, you can win money by competing with other players. 

The majority of the questions feature addition, subtraction, division, and combination problems, which is an excellent approach to enhance your mental arithmetic

By solving the equations as quickly as possible, you can beat your opponents. You can effortlessly transfer your points into money at any time.

The funds are available for withdrawal via PayPal.


8. Hash Learn

HashLearn is an Indian mobile tutoring software that links tutors with students in grades 8 through 12, JEE, NEET, and CET who need assistance with their homework. 

HashLearn provides Instant Doubt Clearing.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a question in Algebra, Integral Calculus, Trigonometry, or while tackling NEET Entrance Exam questions? HashLearn teachers are also available to assist you with questions from other competitive test books. 

Free Video Lectures: India's first online portal for IIT test preparation offers free video lectures. 

You must be a resident of India to apply to be a tutor.

Once you've decided on your areas of competence, you can start accepting tutoring requests at any time -straight from your phone and you'll be paid.


9. Yup.com

This might be an excellent online tutoring platform where you can earn a consistent income while teaching math to students all around the world. 

It is one of the few tutoring services on the user-friendly internet. This platform does not necessitate a high level of skill. 

Make a profile for yourself as an instructor and set your working hours. 

However, you should be aware that you will only be looking at a Math and a Teaching exam. 

It's frequently difficult to work to get into, but it's also really gratifying

Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Probability, and Calculus are among the subjects supported by this site.


10. Chegg India

Chegg India is a fantastic resource for math educators. You may work with Chegg on your timetable, without feeling rushed. 

There are two ways to sign up with Chegg: as a TBS expert or as a Q&A expert

You must complete the following steps to register for a Q&A.

  • Fill up the needed information and sign up.

  • The site now offers straightforward online examinations and guided tests.

  • The documents and credentials you give will be verified by the Chegg staff.

  • You can now begin earning money by answering questions.

  • Once you've established yourself as a Chegg expert, you can begin answering students' questions and making money on the site.


11. Eduboard

Eduboard enables students to seek assistance from experienced instructors in more than 30 areas, including math, physics, and chemistry. 

Students post orders for everything from homework help to essay writing to assignments, and you may bid on the ones you want. 

Payments are made once a month and include a 20% commission. 

You must either be in your senior year of college or have already graduated from an authorized university in Canada or the United States to apply to become an online tutor on Eduboard. 

You can set your fees for Q&A-based help, which typically starts at $2 and goes up to $25 per question.


12. School Solver

School Solver, dubbed the "marketplace for school homework," is a well-known homework and assignment assistance portal that has been recommended by digital titans such as Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

Students ask questions in every subject imaginable, and your answers are available for purchase not only by the student who asked the question but also by others who come after him. 

This means that, instead of earning $5 per hour, you may earn up to $500 overtime

Any freelance tutor or student can easily sign up for this educational website and begin answering questions.

This has a very user-friendly interface and is easy to use.


13. Help With Assignement

Help with Assignment smoothly connects students in need of assignment assistance with talented teachers from across the world. 

Over the last decade, its digital solution has aided thousands of students by providing step-by-step explanations of millions of issues. 

Accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, C++/Java programming, IT, operations, supply chain, human resources (HR), strategy, economics, science, etc are just a few of the topics we cover.

Tutors may follow the below simple steps for progressing in this educational site.

  • Sign up on this website with some simple steps.

  • Submit an assignment for an assessment to register yourself as a tutor.

  • Upon successful completion, you can complete assignments and earn money.


14. Growing Stars

Growing Stars is another wonderful service for making money online by assisting children with their homework. 

It is based in the United States. You'll mostly work with young students in grades 3 to 12, providing 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring per week in your area of expertise. 

To be considered for a position as an online tutor with Growing Stars, you must fill out the candidate registration form and submit your CV. 

You'll also need to be knowledgeable in your chosen area, which could range from C++ programming to creative writing, biology to chemistry.


15. Freelancer

One of the best internet platforms for finding freelance employment, such as website design or translation, is Freelancer. 

However, you can also look for and apply for opportunities to assist children with their homework. 

For using this website, first, you need to create a profile by signing up on its website. 

Once done you can update your CV and start browsing jobs in your field.

Subjects are diversified starting from Logo designing to Engineering, Computer programming, Science, etc. 

Pay can be anywhere from 10$ to 500$ depending upon the work. You can even create the fees that you want to charge for the work on this website.


16. OneClass

With its Homework Help solution, One Class not only pays you to complete other people's homework but also pays you to share your study notes with other university students pursuing the same courses as you. 

One Class uses a credit-based structure

Every accepted document you upload earns you 25 credits (75 if you're an Elite Note Taker), which you can exchange for gift cards to prominent merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, and Domino's, or cash.

The best part is that it's open to everyone who has graduated from university; you don't have to be a current student to participate.



We have learned how to earn money by solving math's problems online in India, according to the aforementioned study. 

We learned about a variety of learning websites that can assist you in making money online by doing arithmetic problems in a variety of methods.

You don't need a degree to get paid to Solve Math Problems Online and start earning up to $50-100 per hour or day using the platforms listed above; all you need is a working laptop with an internet connection and your time. 

All of these top websites can assist you in earning money in your spare time by assisting you in answering math questions in the categories you like.

You can simply earn money every day after qualifying for the maths experts team.

Frequently Added Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Can I get paid for solving maths problems?

There are various learning websites and applications where you may earn money by solving math questions submitted by students all over the world or tutoring other youngsters who are facing problems in math.

Thousands of math geniuses throughout the world use their skills to earn money by answering arithmetic questions.

Q2 How can I earn money by solving questions in India?

Simply by answering questions on Q&A websites, you can make a solid living. The difficulty level of the questions varies from site to site, ranging from easy to severe.

In India, there are numerous websites where you can work and earn money by answering questions online. These are all respectable websites that have a strong reputation and have been in the teaching industry for a long time.

Q3 How much one can earn from Study.com?

You may make money as a Q&A expert on study.com in a variety of ways. If you are an expert in a certain field, you can make money by answering questions posed by students or others.

There are many options for answering inquiries on different themes such as Home Improvement, legal counsel, and so on.

Q4 Which website is best for solving maths problems?

Mathematics is a skill-based subject, thus it takes a lot of practice to not only explain but also master your notions. There are several sites where you can solve good maths problems and assignments. Some of the most notable websites which enable you to solve math problems are Mathway, Photomath, Cymath, Microsoft Math Solver, QuickMath, Snapcalc, etc.


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