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Content Writing Courses Online Free

Content Writing Courses Online Free
By prakash
Published on June 29, 2022

Content writing is one of the most trending and required skills in today's world, in every type of organisation content writing helps in the marketing and the branding of products. This article is an overview on Content Writing Courses Online Free.

As we know that digital marketing is becoming the rapidly adapting type of marketing and is also very much in trend, content writing is an important part of it.

Basically content writing consists of high-quality content that engages and leaves a power pact impact on the audience.

Through content writing, the writers carry their own unique, identifiable voice, tone and style. Marketing done through content writing affects the customers through social media, websites and print marketing efforts.

The main and the most important feature of content writing is that it helps in increasing the audience, generates positive experience from the customers and motivates them to return the company to buy its products.

According to sources the content writer salary in India ranges between Rs. 1.2 lakhs to Rs.6.2 lakhs with an average salary of Rs 3 lakhs.

This articles will help you to know about the importance of content writing in today’s world, types of content writing and institutions which provide content writing courses in India.

Types of Content Writing

  1. Blogging - Blogging is a type of content writing which refers to writing, photography and other media that’s self published online.

    A blog is a discussion or informational website which gets published on the World Wide Web, it consists of separate, informal information in diary style text entries. Blogs can be written on any type of subjects like philosophy, religion, arts, science, politics and sports.

  2. Social Media Post - Content shares or posts through social media platforms are known as social media posts. This type of content writing includes images, videos and links to other content as well.

    Users of social media like, comment and share these posts to others.

  3. Sales and Ad copy - An Ad copy is a type of sales letter that addresses the most close and possible objections which a customer might have.

    These Ad copy highlights the key feature and benefits the customer will receive by purchasing their company’s product.

  4. Thought Leadership Content - Thought leadership content is a type of content marketing where you can go into the talent, experience and passion inside your business or from your community to reach the target audience.

    It helps the organisation to build credibility and trust of its customers.

  5. Guest Posting - Guest Posting refers to writing and publishing articles or someone else’s website or blog. It helps in reaching more customers.

    Under this type of content writing the brand of your own company is mentioned outside your company website. Through this consumers get to know about your organisation and its product.

  6. White Paper - A white paper is a deeply researched report on a particular topic that presents a solution as well within the industry or the organisation.

    The major purpose of the white paper content writing is to recommend the best solutions to the particular problems of the company.

  7. Ebooks - An Ebook is a type of book presented in a format which allows you to read it on an electronic device like computer, mobile phones, laptops and tablet. They are mostly in a form of PDF so that it can be easily shared to others.

List of Content Writer Courses

  1. How to make a Living Writing Articles by Udemy?

Udemy provides a content writing course under which the students learn how to start a freelance writing career and make some good money through online jobs. Students will have to find a website, write articles and receive online payments.

  • Duration - 45 Lectures

  • Level - Beginner 

  • What will you learn - Copywriting, Blogging, Content marketing, SEO, Creative writing and Digital marketing

  1. Content Marketing; Blogging for business by Linkedin.

Linkedin will provide blogging courses for business employees, students and job seekers as well. To become an expert in content writing you can join this course through Linkedin .

  • Duration - 48 mins daily for 1 month

  • Level - Beginner

  • What will you learn - Editorial guidelines, SEO, promoting content of social media and designing as well as development consideration.

  1. Technical Writing Courses by Henry Harvin

Writing courses by Henry Harvin will provide you with technical writing courses which teach the students the technique of transforming data and information accumulated through the process or experimental work into the technical documents and guides.

  • Duration - 1 month

  • Level - Student

  • What will you learn - transforming accumulated data and information.

  1. So you want to be a Freelance Writer? By SkillShare

SkillShare provides an excellent content writing course for beginners, the students are mentored by experts of content writing. It will help you to enhance skills and help you to become Freelance writer.

  • Duration - 49 mins daily for 8 days

  • Level - Beginners

  • What will you learn - Copywriting, Editorial writing, Journalism, Creative writing, Freelance and Entrepreneurship also with Content Strategy.

  1. Secret Sauce of Great Writing by Udemy.

One of the popular and free courses provided by Udemy is the Secret Sauce of Great Writing. Under this course students get to learn about the special techniques of good writing content. This course is taught by the famous and successful journal editor Mr. Shani Raja.

  • Duration - 15 days

  • Level - Professionals

  • What will you learn - Simplicity, Clarity, elegance and evocativeness of writing.

  1. SEO Training by Udemy

Udemy provides students with the most trending courses known as SEO training. Under this students learn popular techniques from well known experts of SEO training.

  • Duration - 30 days
  • Level - Beginners
  • What will you learn - WordPress, Google Ads, Digital marketing, Keyword research, Local SEO and Adult SEO.
  1. How to start a Writing Business from home by Udemy

Writers who want to earn a good amount of money through their skills can definitely enroll themselves to this course provided by Udemy, a complete beginner can also join this course to start a business from home.

  • Duration - 7 days

  • Level - Beginners and professional writers

  • What will you learn - How to make money writing from home, Client Acquisition Overview, Profitable freelance writing group and introduction on how to accelerate your income.

  1. Content Strategy Course by HubSpot

The Content Strategy course by HubSpot will help you to learn how to create a successful content strategy. Through this skill you can tell your business story in a way that attracts buyers.

  • Duration - 6 days

  • Levels - Marketing Professionals, Inbound Professionals, Content Producer

  • What will you learn - Power of storytelling, Planning a long-term content strategy, creating topic clusters and pillar pages, how to promote content, analysing the content, developing a growth marketing mentality.

  1. Get Paid to write by Elna Cain

Elna Cain will provide and guide you with easy steps to get paid to write. This free course will definitely take writing skills to a next level and will help you to become a perfect freelance content writer.

  • Duration - 8 days

  • Level - Beginner

  • What will you learn - How to create an online professional presence, how to build your writer platform, how to create a winning writer website, how to build your portfolio, how to build traffic to your writer website.

  1. Essentials of Writing Content by Udemy

To become a perfect content writer and do not want any kind of mistakes in your writing, you should definitely pursue this case from Udemy. This course offered by Udemy will be able to measure flair in the writings and will help you to let know about the lack of writing.

  • Duration - 5 days
  • Level - Students
  • What will you learn - essential qualities required for content writing
  1. Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialisation by Coursera

Good writing with proper editing is perfect content. Luckily Coursera is providing students a course on how to write perfectly as well as edit their writings to make it absolutely perfect.

  • Duration - 4 months

  • Level - Professionals

  • What will you learn - Persuasion, Creativity, Writing, Time management and editing

  1. Content Marketing Toolkit Course by SEMrush

To learn the best content marketing skills SEMrush is here, it provides free courses on how to perfectly do the marketing of your content. This course will teach you skills and techniques for content marketing under experts.

  • Duration - 9 days
  • Level - Professional content writer
  • What will you learn - Marketing Skills
  1. Become a Better Blogger by Skillshare

To become a perfect blogger, you need to improve and enhance your writing skills. To do so you can surely join the Better Blogger course offered by Skillshare. This course will help to become a perfect blogger.

  • Duration - 12 Days

  • Level - Intermediate

  • What will you learn - How to create quality content, manage multiple authors, capitalise on trends and increase visibility.

  1. Content Writing Certification by HubSpot

To become a certified content writer, HubSpot is the perfect place, it will provide you free certified content writer and earn a good amount.

  • Duration - 12 days

  • Level - marketing professionals, content professionals, inbound professionals

  • What will you learn - content creation framework, strategic content marketer

  1. The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera

How, when and where you should do the marketing of content is an important aspect of marketing. Coursera is providing you one of its best courses on how to plan and execute your content marketing through perfect strategy.

  • Duration - 2 day course

  • Level - Intermediate

  • What will you learn - Management, content marketing, copywriting and writing.

  1. Writing for the Web by Open2Study

To learn all the do’s and don’ts on web writing known as blogging just enroll to Open2Study free course. This course will teach you all the skills and techniques required to become a perfect blogger.

  • Duration - 4 weeks

  • Level - beginners

  • What will you learn - consideration before writing, characteristics of good content, how to maintain content, how to structure the web page and how to use keywords, headings and links.

  1. Editing and Proofreading Masterclass by SkillShare

To learn and gain perfect editing as well as proofreading skills, just enroll yourself to this 2 in 1 masterclass course provided by SkillShare. This course will teach you the best techniques for editing and proofreading of the content.

  • Duration - 2 months

  • Level - Beginner

  • What will you learn - Writing, publishing, copy editing, proofreading, creative writing.

  1. High Impacts of Business Writing by Coursera

To gain a powerful business tool for your business, this course offered by Coursera is the best. It will help you to make your writing clear and concise for the readers of your content.

  • Duration - 1 day course

  • Level - Beginner

  • What will you learn - Email writing, proofreading, communication and business writing.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

To learn the basic tools and techniques of digital marketing to update and enhance yourself then just switch up to this course, Google is providing free courses to everyone in different fields.

  • Duration - 2 days

  • Level - Beginner

  • What will you learn - Fundamentals and basics of digital marketing

Job Responsibility

The major responsibilities of content writer are as followed;

  1. Research industry related topics

  2. Write clear marketing copy to promote

  3. Prepare well-structured drafts

  4. Proofreads and blog editing


Through this article we conclude about content writing free courses available online. This  articles give complete and deep information about all the online platforms

Which provide content writing courses, their durations, level of the courses and specifications that how and what they will teach their students through their respective course.

For those who are willing to pursue content writing course as career are those who just want to update and enhance their skills, go for it because in the present and as well as future time content writing

Which is a part of digital marketing is very much trend, good for future and present because most of the business organisations are adopting digital marketing method rather than the old traditional method of marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I learn content writing online for free?

Online websites like Linkedin, Udemy, SEMrush and HubSpot provide the best content writing courses with certification for free. 

Q2. How can I learn content writing at home?  

Picking up what to write, setting up a website or blog, sample work, checking writing boards and collecting testimonials from clients are the major steps through which you can learn content writing at home. 

Q3. Which course is best for content writing?

Coursera, Ninja Writings, Google edx are the best websites through which you can learn free of cost content writing.


Q4. How can I learn content writing for free for beginners?

SEMrush, Udemy, Linkedin, HubSpots and SkillShare are the best websites to pursue content writing for beginners.


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