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List of 10+ Best Trading Apps In India To Earn Money For Beginners

best trading app in india to earn money

Do you wonder how to best trading app to earn money in India? You could trade for just a living if you have sufficient desire and perseverance. Investing may be a part-time or complete job, but it can also just be a method to enhance your earnings.

Portable investing refers to trading stocks performed with a smartphone. Almost all significant brokerages now have specialised trade applications for the clients, who use these to invest in stocks, collective investment schemes, and equity securities (IPOs).

Although the Securities and Exchange Board in India (SEBI) approved smartphone trade a generation later, its adoption was limited just at the time since consumers preferred to purchase from their traditional vendors.

If you have been investing in stocks for a long time or want to start investing on your smartphone, you should be aware of India's most acceptable brokerage applications.

Selecting the finest trading app in India involves getting a plethora of capabilities with easy use and reduced fees. So, here are some of the best mobile investing applications for your convenience.

Even as an exodus of foreign investors started to weigh on the multi-year run in the country's stocks, individual investors in India established a record number of new accounts last year.

Best Trading App in India to earn money

Source : Bloomberg

best trading app in india to earn money without investment

App Name

Download Link

Sign Up Bonus

Earn Per Referral

Voucher Up to ₹2000

Up to ₹500 

Up To ₹500 Cashback

Up to ₹250

Up to ₹100

Up to 1000 Refer Reward

Free Demat Account

Voucher Up to ₹500 

Free Demat Account

Voucher Up to ₹5000 

Free Demat Account

Up to ₹500 

Free Demat Account

300 Reward Points

Free Demat Account

Up to ₹300 Cashback

1 and voucher

Up to ₹450

Free Demat Account

₹20* per order brokerage

Our Top Picks For best trading app in india for Beginners:

Top 10+ Best Trading App To Earn Money in India (Updated 2023)

1. Upstox Pro Trading App

It has various options like an industry source, dairy cattle quotations, sophisticated charts with scanners making it one of the best trading app in India to earn money. It is amongst the most frequently traded applications.

You can also use this app to establish an Upstox brokerage & Demat online account Its a trading app without investment. 

How To Get Started

Step 1: Fill out the application form

Step 2: Upload the required documents. 

Step 3: Begin trading.

Refer and Earn

Upstox offers a Rs 400 referral bonus. It fluctuates throughout the seasons. If people finish their portfolio and register a Demat account, they will receive Rs 100.

If customers deposit money at some point, you will receive an additional Rs 300. 

Payment method

  1. NetBanking, often known as Internet Banking
  2. Using UPI is completely free.


  • Make money by selling orders while you're on the move.
  • Universal search engine for locating desired stocks or contracts.
  • Access to various markets, including NSE cash, financial derivatives, and currency scripts.
  • Advanced charting software with over 100 technical indicators.
  • Direct ordering from the charts is possible.
  • Review: It's a full-featured internet marketplace for money managers. 
  • Rating: 4.3/5 

2. Zerodha Kite

This app is the best trading app in India to earn money without investment company's in-house built, sleekly styled internet trading platform.

To make trading more accessible and faster, the services include a range of characteristics like charting features, statistics widgets, interaction with third-party apps, etc.

How To Get Started

After submitting the account opening forms, receiving the username and password may take 24 hours.

After that, they will transfer the login information to your registered email address. You may begin trading and investing by downloading the Kite app from Zerodha.

Refer and Earn

By recommending friends and relatives to Zerodha, you may receive 10% of commissions earned and INR 300 bonus.

Payment method

  1. Kindly confirm your financing are transmitted solely through the business platform's payment platform or by NEFT/RTGS/IMPS through the bank.


  • Charting advanced of over 100 markers and six charting kinds
  • Order window that floats
  • Brackets plus trigger entry and cover of limit entry are advanced order sorts.
  • Over 90,000 equities and F&O contracts are instantly searchable using the six generic device searches.
  • Ticks, quotations, and transaction notifications in real-time
  • Review: The platform is designed with cutting-edge advanced technologies to meet the demands of all sorts of investors.
  • Rating: 4.3/5 

3. Groww Trading App

Groww delivers quick yet convenient collective investment schemes and stock market investing through its mobile app. It is one of the most common trading app to earn money in India

Groww offers the app, a recent addition to the realm of discount brokers, swiftly gaining traction in the business.

The firm was founded in 2016 and has swiftly established itself as a viable investing medium.

How to get started

Groww customers are the only ones who may use the application. Thus, you must join their Demat account facility to obtain the user credentials.

 If you have the user credentials, you are ready to start. When you reach the login screen in the App, enter your credentials, then click the login button. 

Refer and Earn

Anyone who joins using your referral will receive a Rs 100 reward, and you will receive a Rs 100 payback in the Groww account. 

Payment method

  1. UPI / Net banking / NEFT

  2. Establish a SIP One-time Authorization with autopay through OTP or via the application to schedule your SIP payments.


  • The user interface is welcoming, essential, and tidy.
  • Account creation is quick and paperless.
  • Candlestick charts are used to display price changes and core competencies.
  • Comprehensive information, including all Indian firms registered on the stock exchange.
  • Review: The app delivers quick yet convenient collective investment schemes and stock market investing through its mobile app. 
  • Rating:4.6/5 

4. Angel Broking

The app provides fractional participation, portfolio construction, and small-case trading, which may be advantageous to new traders.

How to get started

  1. Fill out the Angel One lead application to establish a Demat account.

  2. Enter the OTP that was sent to the registered phone number.

  3. Fill in your birthdate, PAN number, email address, and banking details.

  4. Your Demat account information will be delivered to the registered email id.

Refer and Earn

Every time you recommend somebody from your network, you will be awarded coupons worth Rs 500.

Payment method

You could either utilise a payment portal, the NEFT/RTGS service or deposit your broker via settlement cheque / DD.


  • Carry out market research well with the aid of experienced research.
  • Keep your investments in order.
  • Create a diverse, low-cost portfolio using tiny examples.
  • Select from pre-made portfolios.
  • Trading in international equities is possible.
  • Review: The app is one of India's leading stock exchange software for novices.
  • Rating: 4.1/5 

5. 5paisa online trading app

It is one of the best trading app to earn money in India because of its sophisticated charts, consumer-friendly layout, learning materials, and auto-investment capabilities.

How to get started?

  • Log in to the app
  • Navigate to My Watchlist.
  • On the upper-right of the watchlist page, select the 'Search Glass.'
  • To search, enter the name of the script.
  • From the search results, choose the script name.
  • Begin trading by clicking the green 'B' button.

Refer and Earn

You will receive Rs 500 in your account after your first referral. You will receive 12.5 per cent, 25 percent, and up to 40 per cent brokerage share if you refer 26 or more people.

Payment method

  1. UPI, Netbanking and IMP methods are acceptable .


  • Equities, collective investment schemes, money, resources, and other items can be changed.
  • Purchases and sales are accomplished with a simple tap.
  • Advanced charts to assist you in researching market situations.
  • Review: The platform is built on cutting-edge technological technologies to fulfil the needs of a diverse range of investors.
  • Rating:4.12/5 

6. ShareKhan Trading App

For the last 21 years, this has been best trading app without investment applications.

It includes a wide choice of items that will assist you in developing a diverse portfolio.

In addition, you may do a market survey using its sophisticated charting function.

How to get started

It is simple to establish a Demat account. Sign up with an online stock broker that will help you. Before you begin trading, the organisation will also integrate your existing bank profile into your dematerialised form. 

Refer and Earn

You will receive a 15% brokerage reward for one year if you introduce a different acquaintance to the app.

Payment method

  1. If you have an online brokerage account, you must always transfer funds using a payment system or NEFT/RTGS.


  • Mobile Trading over the Internet
  • Order Book for Order Tracking
  • View your possessions in Demat Accounts
  • Transferring Money Online
  • Quotations and charts are being streamed in real-time
  • Review: It is one of India's most powerful trading applications. 
  • Rating:  3.2/5 

7. ICICIdirect App

What distinguishes ICICIdirect is its specific research desk, which provides a variety of reading on the subject solutions to match your demands across various time frames.

How to get started

  1. Select ' Apply On-Line- Resident Profile ' under the "Open an Account" Subsection.

  2. Choose the type of service you intend to advance. 

  3. Fill out the form and start trading.

Refer and Earn

When the suggested user successfully selects a brokerage account profile with ICICIdirect, the referrer will receive Rs 200.

Payment method

  1. After establishing your VPA with the ICICIdirect banking account, you may pay using UPI.


  • Account creation is completely free.
  • Investing Equity Derivatives with No Brokerage
  • Within 5 minutes following selling stocks, you will have the amount in your savings account.
  • Review: Investing Equity Derivatives with No Brokerage

  • Rating:4/5 

8. Motilal Oswal Investor app

It necessitates extensive study, a close and continual eye upon that market, the ability to recognise trends, broad network coverage, and tech and service support.

How to get started

You are required to complete the registration form and attach the necessary papers. Investors can begin trading immediately after the process is completed.

The paperwork needed to start a Demat account is the application form completed with KYC registration form. 

Refer and Earn

You will receive a Rs 1,000 Amazon gift card for each referral, and your buddy will receive a Rs1,000 commission reversal on transactions completed within thirty days of user registration.

Payment method

  1. It is not possible to transfer funds directly from the Demat account to your savings account. The trading account, which serves as an interface between the Demat account and your bank, can be used to make all transfers to your bank account.


  • You may open a two-in-one account with Motilal Oswal.
  • There is no AMC for life.
  • The online application process is entirely paperless.
  • Excellent track record.
  • Review: a well-known name in the stockbroking market

  • Rating: 3.9/5

9. Edelweiss online trading app

Edelweiss Broking Limited is a well-known name in the stockbroking market.

It is one of the best trading app without investment. It is a subsidiary of the Edelweiss Group, a prominent diversified financial services organisation with a low client-to-complaint proportion, no primary regulatory infractions, and a strong presence across India.

How to get started

To commence the internet banking procedure, click the Open an account option in the website's main menu or the Edelweiss Mobile Trader app.

Assuming the users have all the necessary paperwork, the procedure shouldn't require over fifteen minutes. They will then visit your home to examine your papers.

Refer and Earn

Rewards include a Rs 500 shopping coupon, a Rs 1000 extra coupon for closest friends, a free Demat profile, and more income.

Payment method

1. To make a payment, go to the payment link in the email/SMS that was sent to you.

2. Choose a payment option (UPI/internet banking).

3. Use your financial login (internet banking) or the UPI app to confirm the payment (UPI)


  • Sign in and perform transactions.
  • Discussion on the Financial Markets.
  • Review: Popular stocks on the financial markets at a glimpse. 

  • Rating: 4.3/5  

10. IIFL market trading app

It allows you to trade in several products using simple techniques. Because of its features, the IIFL Stock Trading App is the most significant in India.

It provides free research papers, tools for researching trends in the industry, and so much more.

How to get started

1. Open 'IIFL Markets' onto your device.

2. Enter your cellphone number in the guest user option.

3. Enter the OTP received from IIFL on the mobile phone.

Refer and Earn

Incentives include a free Shopping voucher, reimbursements and prizes, a Rs 500 coupon for introducing others, and other perks

Payment method

Online transfer through TT web,IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, cheques and pay order.


  • Trade-in stocks, futures and options, currencies, and commodity markets.
  • Market dynamics research tools.
  • The free study relies on the top 500 NSE/BSE-listed businesses.
  • Simple procedures to place purchasing or selling orders.
  • Allows you to change or cancel your current invoices.
  • Review:IIFL Stock Trading App is the most significant in India

  • Rating: 4/5  

11. HDFC Securities

HDFC Markets is a 20-year-old trading and investment platform that provides intelligent trading options such as tracking the optimum cost of purchasing or trading your order across marketplaces.

How to get started

You can create a Demat and trading account with only a broker business when making an investment decision.

Alternatively, you may approach a financial planner who will advise you on what to buy and then acquire the funds on your behalf. 

Refer and Earn

HDFC Securities offers a revolutionary Referral Incentive of Rs. 500.

Payment method

You can use your bank account to transfer the funds to your HDFC Securities account.


  • Trade stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, currencies, initial public offerings (IPOs), commodity markets, and digital gold.
  • Global stocks are accessible for purchase and sale.
  • Market analysis and regular reporting
  • Assist you in developing investing plans.
  • Review: It is one of India's leading stock exchange apps with no technical glitches or bugs.

  • Rating: 4.2/5  

12. Stock Edge

Including over 20 lakh customers, Stock Edge is a renowned online trading app without investment. They recommend investment strategies that focus on your objectives and give research and analytical tools to help you make informed decisions.

How to get started

Select 'Reserve a Position!'

You will be sent an email with a link to the session. Join the conference by clicking on the same URL 15 minutes before everything begins.

Refer and Earn

Earn up to 20% commission on each client you suggest. For your referrals, get transparent, unbiased, and in-depth advice.


  • 5000+ commodity investigation and analysis
  • Market trends may be studied using advanced charts.
  • Computer courses and webinars are examples of learning resources present here.
  • Intelligent detection tools allow you to view stocks according to your interests.
  • Review: It's a full-featured internet marketplace for money managers.

  • Rating: 4/5  


If you are seeking the Best trading app in India to earn money, we hope the information in this blog will assist you in making an informed decision. With simple applications, you may begin trading from your tablet or smartphone.

However, if you wish to invest a substantial sum of money, consider an app that provides you with an adviser and tips to boost your portfolio.

Typically trading organizations' effectiveness is determined by various criteria such as brand value, authoring tools, consumer assistance, multiple applications, client contentment, etc.

Nonetheless, a stockbroker's concentration of available clients defines a brokerage company's standing in India.

Considering all, it is possible to conclude that Zerodha is India's number one trading firm, featuring 36,02,074 system participants and market dominance of 19.06 percent.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is India's Best Trading App?

Superspeed is considered important while going for a trading app. Considering this, both the Angel Broking app and the Zerodha Kite app have risen to the top of just this arena, becoming two of the best and fastest trading applications available.

Q2. How can I earn money by trading in India?

Stock Trader salaries in India vary from 0.5 Lakhs to 7.1 Lakhs per year, including an approximate yearly income of 2.4 Lakhs. 

Q3. Which is the safest trading app in India?

Upstox is the most secure broker. It is a participant of SEBI, BSE, NSE, MCX, and CDSL. The investment banker regulations apply to the firm, and The marketplaces audit it regularly.

Q4. Is the Zerodha app safe?

Yes, Zerodha is as reliable and trustworthy as any other Indian stockbroker. It is considered low-risk providers mostly because  Zerodha is a liability-free company.

Q5. What is the current Upstox refer & earn offer?

If you introduce a friend to Upstox, you will receive Rs 100 when they register a Demat account using your link. You will also receive an additional Rs 100 when they exchange that Upstox app for the first time.

Q6.Which are the best trading app in India to earn money?

Here the best trading app in India to earn money :

  1. Motilal Oswal
  2. Groww
  3. Upstox
  4. IIFL Securities
  5. 5Paisa 

Here is the complete list for best trading app in India to earn money 

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