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Best Site to Learn Stock Trading in India

best site to learn stock trading in india
June 1, 2022

Stocks/Shares: A stock or a share (also termed commonly as equity) is a piece of instrument that represents fractional ownership in a company you invest in.

In financial terms, the stock units are called shares, and they represent your fraction of claim on the company's assets.

Essentially, you own a piece of the pie. Your stock/share performance by definition is directly proportional to the company’s performance.

How to learn trading in India: Any company needs capital to sustain and run its business. When a company goes public, it can raise funds from the public.

The company shares can be purchased or sold amongst various investors in the market. There are different types of stocks based on the company strategy. Growth, Value, Preferred, Income, & Common stocks.

What is stock trading: Stock trading essentially means that you buy and sell stocks to capitalize on the difference amount by timing the market. Basically, buy at low and sell at high to make profits. 

List of 7 Best Site To Learn Stock Trading In India (2022)

1. NSE India

NSE India is the best websites for stock analysis of the country's National Stock Exchange.

As this is the official/authentic site, you can get access to reliable and precise data/stock reports needed for analysis.

NSE, being a government organization, commits to publish company reports, shareholder details, monetary information, etc.

It publish these reports and information in its “Market data” tab which is exhaustive. It has multiple resources that can help you learn about investing, listing, trading, various regulations, etc.

There is a learn tab on the website where you can access various courses and documents.

2. BSE India

BSE, Bombay Stock Exchange. This is another traditional website like NSE.

It provides access to market data, reports, analysis, charts, fundamental, technical analysis, various updates, upcoming IPOs.

BSE is a good website to refer to be on top of the market updates and access company quarterly reports, monetary information etc.

3. Money Control

This is one of the best website for stock analysis India and well known websites used by stock market enthusiasts.

It provides a wide range of resources regarding stock trading starting from market insights

Like news, competitor analysis, other data, market patterns condensed, products, industry analysis

And standards, IPO information, etc. that provide most value of stock trader.  It also provides specific insights about the stocks you’ve watch listed on its website.

It gives the traders access to fundamental and technical analysis of each company you’re interested in, providing with a holistic view of business and its performance to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, it has a risk-o-meter that compares and tells us the potential risk that comes along with any particular stock.

4. Screener

Screener was founded in 2009 by Pratyush and Ayush Mittal. Screener is essentially a tool to analyze stocks for Indian investors.

For anybody interested in trading, screener is a perfect product to play around the market. 

It has many interesting features. You can create a stock screen and have some premium features.

Where you can search for stakeholders of companies, and get access to the latest announcements.That can help you gauge the market and also access to export/import trade data.

The most important section of screener are the ‘screens’ where you can create new screens to watch list based on different parameters of your interest and risk appetite.

You can create theme based screens like ‘growth without dilution’, ‘Low on 10-year average earnings’, etc.

Formula based screens (formulas based on books of the companies) for example: ‘piotroski scan’, ‘coffee can portfolio’, etc. Screens based on quarterly results, stock valuations, commonly used by investors, and more.

5. Economics Times Market

ET Markets is one of the exhaustive websites where you can find all the information you’re looking for best way to learn trading in India.

It gives you a snapshot of the overall sensex, top gainers, top losers, highlights of the day etc.

ET Markets also have a market dashboard where they present a consolidated view of Nifty50 as on the date you’re browsing. 

Most active stocks by value and by volume, price and volume actions. It also has stock screeners where you can browse stock themes of your interest.

The most important aspect of this website is the Buy/Sell Signals that it presents using multiple technical indicators like MACD crossover, Stochastic crossover etc.

This will help you not only understand what the different ways to analyze the stocks are but also serves as a starting point to explore the technical analysis concepts in trading.

6. is one of those platforms that has over 3 lakh financial instruments included.

This is known for becoming a one-stop shop for investors and traders across.

It provides a wide variety of local and global financial instruments. Along with that, it also gives access to real-time data,

And news updates, stories, quotes, tools, analyst reviews, analysis across hundreds of exchanges globally. 

It has live charts that help you be on top of the numbers, especially if you’re an intensive day trader. Provides a clean view of world market indices. It also has the stock screener tool, where you can filter the stocks based on key parameters or themes. also gives you a bird's eye view on what’s happening with the crypto market & actively covers the commodity market, unlike most platforms.

The financial webinars and blogs from this platform are very informative and helps traders get a broad perspective on technicalities.

7. Live Mint

Live Mint - Market, is an exclusive section in Mint news which is a wide collection of financial news.

Live mint has news with respect to markets, companies, their analysis and opinions.

Mint is a great tool to stay on top of market updates And understand the nuances of why certain shares behaved in a way - basically,

Which helps you decode the market volatilizes by giving you the analysis of what could have happened.


As discussed in the article, best site to learn stock trading in India. To understand the basics, or to do courses, NSE offers a wide range of resources to help traders.

Money Control, Screener, ET Money, Small Case, Groww are some platforms that enable a beginner by equipping the right information in the right way possible.

These platforms are structured very differently and cater to different users, but one can always explore and choose the platform that resonates with the stage in which

They are and the learnings they are looking to gain. But at the core, any stock trader must be well-equipped with fundamental analysis techniques, And technical analysis methods before they start trading in real-time.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which stock trading site is best for beginners in India?

While there are numerous platforms that enable beginners to understand market nuances, help them with real-time dashboards, watch lists, updates etc.

Some popular ones are Zerodha Kite trading platform, Upstox Pro trading platform, 5paisa online trading application, HDFC Securities, etc.

Q2. Where can I learn stock trading in India for free?

There are many websites and platforms where you can access resources that help you in understanding how the stock market works,
and how to time the market, how to react and respond to bullish and bearish signs.

There are quite a lot of books and gamified apps to that help in understanding the market in a simple and fun manner.
One of the simulators that works great is the Investopedia stock simulator that makes learning fun, interesting, and worth the time.

Q3. What is the best site to learn trading?

There are so many websites that help you trade in stocks virtually, in turn enabling you to learn the skill.  Some of them are Dalal Street, Moneybhai, MoneyPot, Trakinvest, Trading view, Chart Mantra, Market Watch, Investopedia simulator and more.

You can go into any of these to start understanding how to place an order, what happens when you short, buy and sell, etc. 

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