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Best Sidney Sheldon Books

Best Sidney Sheldon Books

One of the most famous and astonishing personalities of the 1930s was Sidney Sheldon.

Sidney Sheldon was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 11th February 1917. He was born with the name Sidney Schechtel.

He was an American writer, playwright, director, producer, and a novelist.

For further studies, he attended Northwestern University, where he contributed to the various drama groups by writing short plays.

His personal life was kind of miserable. But his professional life was highly exciting. Some of the events which describes his professional life are :

  • He wrote about 18 novels, 200 TV scripts.
  • 25 major films and 6 Broadway plays.
  • His writing style was almost journalistic.
  • His novels were highly realistic and conversational to his readers.
  • He especially wrote for women, who were talented and capable, and he believed that women have this tremendous power of femininity which men didn’t have.
  • His 18 novels were in 51 languages, which sold over 300 million copies worldwide.
  • “The Naked Face” was his first novel. He received several Awards such as Tony Award, Oscar Award, Emmy Award etc. 
  • The plot of his novels were sensual and a high degree of suspense was seen. His novels had devices which made readers keep turning the page.
  • Three years before his death, “The Los Angeles Times” called him “Mr. Blockbuster” and “Prince Of Potboilers.” 
  • On 30th January 2007, Sidney died of pneumonia in Rancho Mirage, California. He was finally buried in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

Now, let’s see the Top 10 Sidney Sheldon Best Books and learn something about them.

Our Top Picks

Best Sidney Sheldon Books (2022)

1. Master of The Game

“Master Of The Game” is a thriller novel which was published in 1982. It is the 4th best- selling novel of Sidney Sheldon.

This book is also loved by various readers because this book follows the life of Kate Blackwell,

who on her 90th birthday recalls her life and legacy which she had experienced before.

This is her incredible story, full of vengeance, heartbreak and triumph.


  • List Good read Rating : 4.1
  • Audible Rating : 4.5
  • Flipkart Price : 364 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 103.90 rs.

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2. If Tomorrow Comes

“If Tomorrow Comes” is basically a crime fiction novel which was published in 1985. It has an interesting plot.

It is a beautiful idealistic novel which describes Tracy Whitney, who is framed into a 15-year sentence.

But with her being a smart and witty girl, she fights back to destroy the untouchable crime members who have put her in a dreadful situation.


  • List Good read Rating : 4.1
  • Audible Rating : 4.5
  • Flipkart Price : 939 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 104.19 rs.

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3. Tell Me Your Dreams

“Tell Me Your Dreams” is a thriller novel which was published in 1998.

Tell Me Your Dreams depicts the story of three people i.e. Ashley Patterson, her co-worker, and the beefcake artist Alette Peters.

These three people knew nothing about each other until,

And unless they are linked with a murder investigation which leads to a one of the most bizarre trials of the century.


  • List Good read Rating : 4
  • Audible Rating : 4.5
  • Flipkart Price : 299 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 71.56 rs.

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4. Nothing Lasts Forever

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is a crime medical novel which was published in 1994.

This novel is my personal favourite because in this there are 3 female doctors,

Who are trying to be the best version of themselves by facing challenges in their lives.

This book has a series of deadly events which will provoke you to read more and more and more.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.95
  • Audible Rating : 4.3
  • Flipkart Price : 267 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 110.67 rs.

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5. Bloodline

“Bloodline” is a thriller novel which was published in 1977.

This book is basically describing the journey of Elizabeth from being the shy girl to becoming the real boss girl.

This novel is also my favourite because I somewhat relate to it. A saga of greed, betrayal, sabotage, danger etc. is seen.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.8
  • Audible Rating : 4.3
  • Flipkart Price : 296 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 110.67 rs.

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6. Windmills of The Gods

This is a racy thriller which follows the life of a young professor of Eastern European Studies,

And a mother of two children, who is appointed as the U.S. Ambassador.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.9
  • Audible Rating : 4.6
  • Flipkart Price : 280 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 293 rs.

7. The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side Of Midnight features two characters named Noelle Page and Catherine Alexander,

Both coming from two different social backgrounds, and end up marrying the same guy. 

Jealousy, Conflict, and Vengeance are the most essential part of the story.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.9
  • Audible Rating : 4.6
  • Flipkart Price : 217 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 215 rs.

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8. The Sands of Time

This novel is pictured in Spain. By reading it we explore the lives of four women

Who leave their shelter for a convent on their way into a world of uncertainty.

This novel explores the feeling of finding love, passion, truth, and redemption.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.8
  • Audible Rating : 3.5
  • Flipkart Price : 154 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 123.47 rs.

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9. Memories of Midnight

It is a sequel to “The Other Side Of Midnight”.

The story centres around Catherine Douglas, who is tragedy-stricken and driven with amnesia,

Who desperately tries to return to the reality of life. With an aim to challenge her husband’s murderer.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.7
  • Audible Rating : 4.6
  • Flipkart Price : 217 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 110.67 rs.

10. The Naked Face

This is the very first novel written by Sidney Sheldon. This is the story of a Psychoanalyst Judd Stevens,

Who must read into the mind of the murderer or else he will get himself arrested for the murder.

This deals with a do or die situation for the analyst. Winner of a number of awards.

This racy thriller tells the doctor’s story who finds the murder of his two associates killed.


  • List Good read Rating : 3.6
  • Audible Rating : 4.1
  • Flipkart Price : 207 rs.
  • Amazon Price : 267 rs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are there any movies based on Sidney Sheldon novels ?

Yes, there are movies based on Sidney Sheldon novels. Some of them are made by Sidney Sheldon himself as he was director and producer in Hollywood for sometime.

Some of the names are Easter Parade, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, The Barkleys of Broadway, Annie Get Your Gun, Buster and Billie, Fly-By-Night, You’re Never Too Young, No Questions Asked etc.

Q2. What was Sidney Sheldon’s last book ?

The last book of Sidney Sheldon is a little bit confusing. As per publishing dates, there are two books which can be considered as his last books

And they are “Are you afraid of the dark ? (2004)” and his autobiography “The other side of me (2005) ”.

Q3. Which Sidney Sheldon book should I read first ?

The book which I recommend you read first will be “ Nothing Lasts Forever ” because it teaches you how to be the best version of yourself and how to deal with life situations.

Q4. Authors like Sidney Sheldon ?

Mary Higgins Clark, Iris Johansen, Tilly Bagshawe, Dan Brown, Agatha Christie,etc are some of the authors who are somewhat like Sidney Sheldon.

Here are The Best Sidney Sheldon Books:


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