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Best App For Korean Drama In India

Best App For Korean Drama In India

Want to see best korean drama apps in india? Well you have landed on the right article . Are you a big fan of Korean dramas?

Are you trying to find platforms where you can stream them in India? Or perhaps you have heard your friends rave about K-Dramas and want to check them out for yourself.  

Or where to watch kdrama for free in india. You're at the right place. We have a list of streaming platforms with a load of KDramas for you to choose from.

For the uninitiated, Korean dramas, often called K-Dramas, are Korean television series akin to soap operas aired on Indian TV channels. 

Suppose you have never ventured into the world of Korean dramas. In that case, you're surely missing out on entertaining content. They are not just mindless entertainment.

Instead, they have clever social commentary, giving you a peek into South Korea's life, music, education, pop culture, etc.

Some of the most popular KDramas are Dr. Stranger, Mysterious Nurse, The World of the Married, Sky Castle, and Crash Landing Onto You, among many others.

While K-Dramas are taking over the world, we are here to ensure you get steady access to the many shows out there. If you are looking where to watch korean dramas in India check out the following best app to watch korean drama in india for free.

We hope that the list provided below solves your problem of where to watch k drama.

Our Top Picks

Best Korean Drama Apps In India (Updated 2022)

1. MX Player

MX Player is the host of the largest international show collection in India. These are available for free exclusively on the app .

One of the biggest problems people face when watching content in a foreign language is - keeping up with subtitles.

MX Player solves this problem by providing Hindi dubbed versions of shows.

MX Player was initially just a video player that worked on phones but became a video streaming platform when it was acquired by Times Internet.

It is a fairly reliable app with over a billion downloads on Play Store. It recently launched a data saver plan to allow viewers to stream content while consuming lower amounts of data on mobile devices.

However, the one complaint people have about the app is its advertisements. Sometimes, the advertisements can be intrusive to the viewing situation

Yet, the advertisements allow the company to continue its services for free.

MX Player's privacy policy states that while they collect data logs, they scrub these logs of any personal information, including IP addresses, to protect people's privacy. The data is used to improve the user experience.

This is the best app for where to watch kdrama for free. Some of the popular Korean drama series available on MX Player are: I’m Not a Robot, Rich Man, Hospital Ship, Doctor Stranger, etc.

Subscription : Free. MX Player has no subscription cost and is available entirely for free.

2. Netflix

Netflix is probably one of the most recognizable streaming platforms across the world.

It is also the host to a wide array of K-Dramas that one can stream with a subscription. This is the best app when you want to watch korean drama in hindi app.

It is the top choice for many customers for its extensive collection, accessibility, and availability across continents.

Netflix's selling point has always been its strong recommendation algorithm. It makes searching for new content easy and fast for its consumers.

It never has advertisements. If you pay for the platform, you can stream an infinite amount of content without any advertisement.

However, the streaming platform also tends to add and remove content from the platform without warning Which means your favorite show could leave the platform before you're done watching it in its entirety.

Netflix shares viewing data with partners and suppliers like TV networks, internet providers, etc.

But it does not share data with advertisers or engage in third-party advertising. Some of the popular titles available on Netflix are: Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead, Business Proposal, Doctor Stranger, etc.

Subscription : Netflix has a wide array of plans to choose from. While the premium plans can cost a lot, cheaper plans are available in India. The cheapest plan for just mobile devices starts at Rs. 149 per month. The premium plans can go up to Rs. 649 per month.

3. Viki

Viki or Rakuten Viki is an American video streaming service headquartered in California.

It has partnered with multiple original content producers, including BBC Worldwide, Hulu, Netflix, TVB, SVS, etc.

It boasts of a wide range of Korean Dramas in its content catalog.

In addition to hosting content by other networks, it also produces original content available exclusively on its platform.

Viki is one of the best options for streaming K-Dramas because it specializes in Asian content. It has a dedicated section for Korean Dramas. This is one of the best app when you want to watch korean drama in hindi app.

It also airs the shows live as they stream on television screens. One of the drawbacks of Viki is that you can only stream from one device per account at any given time.

While Netflix and other streaming platforms have subscription plans that allow streaming from multiple devices, Viki does not have such an option yet.

Viki is also one of the best platforms to stream on for those who prefer multiple subtitle language options. It boasts of subtitles from a variety of languages. You can chose one which you prefer the most.

Viki uses third-party advertisers on its platform who can access cookies, device identifiers, and software agents. The streaming platform itself does not take any responsibility for these.

Some of the popular titles available on Viki are: Ghost Doctor, Shooting Stars, School, Suspicious Partner, etc.
Subscription : Viki has subscription plans at Rs. 299 per month. You can get their yearly subscription at Rs. 3099.

4. iQIYI

iQIYI is a video on demand platform headquartered in Singapore.

It has a variety of K-dramas with multilingual subtitles to make it easy and accessible to audiences who speak an array of languages.

Unlike the other platforms on this list, iQIYI is a freemium service. It is one of the free kdrama app.

Some content is available for free with advertisements, and some are paid for. 

It is aimed at bringing pan-Asian content to international viewers. It is one of the best app for korean drama in india because it aims to take Asian content to an international audience and is committed to hosting the best shows on the service.

The platform was initially criticized for gaining access to user information without permission.

Since then, it has changed its privacy policy and claims user privacy protection is a critical point of its policy. It now meets the international standards for privacy requirements.

However, we still suggest exercising caution when clicking on advertisements shown on the platform. The third-party advertisements can sometimes lead to malicious websites that can infect your devices with a virus.

Some of the popular titles available to stream in iQIYI are- The Blooms of Ruyi Pavillion, Arsenal Military Academy, 18 Again, The Devil Judge, etc.

Subscription : The standard monthly subscription of iQIYI starts from Rs. 449 per month and a premium subscription can go up to Rs. 689 per month.

5. DramaCool

DramaCool is regarded by users as one of the best platforms to stream K-Dramas.

The platform is entirely free to use and provides access to a significantly extensive collection of Korean Dramas. You can watch kdrama app free of cost.

The platform provides English subtitles for the shows but does not offer dubbed content. It also has content from other Asian countries.

The website itself is safe to use, but the third-party advertisements aired on it can sometimes lead to malicious viruses. 

Be careful when interacting with external links shown on the website.

Popular titles on DramaCool are: Again, Sister; Rose Mansion, Ocean Likes me, Love All Play, etc.

Subscription: The app is entirely free to use. Its revenues are wholly generated from third-party advertisements. 

Name of the Platform

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The lovers of K-Drama and those just starting to venture into the world can use these apps to stream their favorite shows. If you are looking where to watch korean dramas in India these are the best korean drama apps in India.

Each app and platform has a different set of shows to choose from. We suggest going through each catalog and choosing one that matches your preferences best. These apps are where to watch korean dramas in india for free.

Each app has a different interface too and you can choose the one that you like the most. iQIYI and Netflix allow you to save episodes offline which is good for viewing in the absence of the internet.  

Some K-Dramas are available for streaming on multiple platforms. In such instances, you can choose the platform that provides the show to you in a language you love.

MX Player and Netflix both have Dr. Strange. While the former hosts a Hindi dubbed version of the show the latter has the original audio and English Subtitles.

Hope we have helped you start or continue your journey in the world of K-Dramas and provided you the best information on where to watch kdrama.

We hope you liked our article on best korean drama app in india, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Best Korean Drama apps with English subtitles?

Rakuten Viki is one of the best apps where you can stream K-Dramas with English subtitles. It hosts a variety of genres of K-Dramas and is easy to access.

iQIYI has a variety of shows with multilingual subtitles for those who prefer subtitles in their language rather than English.

Q2. Best app to watch Korean Drama in India for free?

MX Player and DramaCool are apps in India where you can watch Korean Dramas for free.  MX Player has the shows dubbed into Hindi for those who have trouble keeping up with subtitles in English. DramaCool has English subtitles for all the shows,these are the best apps for korean drama.

Q3. In which app can we see all the Korean Dramas for free?

MX Player and DramaCool are free kdrama apps have an extensive collection of Korean Dramas that you can watch for free. 

Q4. Which app is best for watching Korean Dramas?

Netflix is one of the best app to watch kdrama in India for watching Korean Dramas. It has the best ratings and most downloads.

You need to have a Netflix account and a subscription to download the episodes offline. There is a maximum amount of downloads you can do at any point on the Netflix app.

Q5. Apps to watch Korean Dramas offline?

iQIYI allows you to download episodes for offline viewing. Netflix, too, has a similar feature where you can save episodes offline to view when there is no internet available

Here are the best Korean drama app in India for free:

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