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Best Cream For Face Glow In India

Best Cream For Face Glow In India

Looking for a best cream for face glow in India?

Great! You have reached the right place; we are here to help you, make sure to read the article carefully to know the best cream for glowing skin.

The most crucial things a person can do to keep their facial skin healthy and radiant are moisturising and shielding it from the sun's damaging rays.

The skin is well-nourished and healthy when covered and hydrated and will not feel dry or flaky. It is critical to select a face cream that offers all of the advantages while meeting the skin's demands.

Finding a face cream that works for you may be perplexing and challenging with so many skin types. The many creams in the market can also overwhelm buyers.

In this guide, we ranked and reviewed the 10 best cream for face glow, along with our top 3 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Here are my best picks:

  • NIVEA Soft: Best for Price
  • Lakmé Absolute: Best for Performance 
  • Biotique Botanicals Bio: Overall Best 

Top 10 Best Cream For Face Glow In India (Updated 2023)

1. Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Crème

Lakme is a brand that has made a name for itself in the business. It has a variety of face creams for radiant skin.

The Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Crème is a unique recipe that includes microcrystals and necessary vitamins to polish your skin. It is one of the best day cream for glowing skin.

This product keeps your skin blemish-free and bright while protecting you from the sun. It also helps prevent breakouts and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.


  • Dual acting cream- Provides sun protection along with moisturisation.
  • It helps even skin tone.
  • Light textured cream that gives a matte finish all day long.
  • Hides dark spots and pimples
  • Suitable for daily and also occasional use.
  • Not suitable for oily & pimple-prone skin

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2. Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel, Face Cream

This illuminating face cream from Lotus Herbals is infused with the benefits of milk enzyme to give you fresh and radiantly fair skin.

It is suitable for all skin types and makes your skin smoother, brighter, hydrated, and free of pollutants. The non-sticky, airy texture absorbs quickly into the skin.

It has an SPF of 25 to protect you from the sun. The recyclable packaging makes this product environmentally friendly. It gives the skin a natural shine and minimises dark spots.


  • It blends into the skin quite easily without leaving a white cast.
  • Powerful herbal actives help in even skin tone.
  • The cream deeply hydrates the skin, making it appear brighter.
  • Light-weight
  • Protects skin from UV rays
  • The cream has potentials to cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

3. Biotique Botanicals Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream

Biotique is well-known for employing chemical-free components, and its skincare products are well-liked.

Pure virgin coconut oil, dandelion, and manjishtha are used in Biotique Botanicals Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream to lighten dark spots.

This ayurvedic cream gives your skin a healthy shine. It's non-greasy and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and lustrous.


  • 100% pure botanical extracts
  • Vitamin enriched cream heals scars
  • Regular application reduces tan and brightens the skin
  • Removes dark spots
  • Pure and natural
  • Greasy and oily

4. Ponds Bright Beauty Spot-less Glow Cream For Face

The Ponds face cream provides one with a non-oily, matte sheen and is suitable for all skin types.

It prevents spots and offers you bright skin thanks to the benefits of pro-vitamin B3 and an anti-spot composition.

It aids in the fading of obstinate black spots while also hydrating the skin. It protects the skin from dark stains.


  • Moisturises and evens skin tone
  • Inhibits the production of melanin 
  • Comes with SPF 15 for sun protection
  • Hides dark spots
  • Provides glow to the skin
  • It can cause redness and make the skin dry

5. Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Kesar Face Cream

Once of the best cream for glowing skin, this Himalaya natural radiance fairness cream with Kesar helps to lighten dark spots and dull skin.

It nourishes, hydrates, and moisturises the skin, leaving it looking healthy and non-greasy.

It nourishes, hydrates, and moisturises your skin, keeping it healthy, sparkling, and even-toned.


  • Can be used to reduce dark circles
  • Improves skin texture
  • Acts as a good night moisturiser to provide glowing skin in the morning
  • It keeps the skin healthy
  • Moisturises the skin
  • It can make the skin dry

6. Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream

Garnier is a well-known brand that combines cutting-edge technology in its products to get the best outcomes.

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream promises 10 advantages, including sun protection and long-lasting fairness.

It's the most incredible night lotion for glowing skin since it scrapes away your face's dark skin cells as you sleep. Lemon extracts brighten the skin tone and give it a healthy shine.


  • Provides instant brightening
  • Contains salicylic acid that helps curb excess oil formation 
  • Light textured cream that absorbs easily
  • Sun protection
  • Brightens the face
  • Can make the skin photosensitive
  • Not suitable for oily and acne-prone skin

7. L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections + Whitening Cream

L'Oreal is the world's number one cosmetics company and a household name in the industry. They assure the efficacy of their goods.

The L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti-Imperfections + Whitening Cream is one of the most effective fairness creams on the market.

This cream is unique because it has a vitamin 3X mix, which combines three critical vitamins—B3, C, and E.

These reduce dark spots and pigmentation, with apparent benefits after four weeks of consistent use.


  • Contains collagen for anti-ageing benefits
  • Reduces excess oil and keeps blemishes away
  • Non-sticky texture provides a matt finish
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Nice fragrance
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

8. Pond’s Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream

Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream is a lightning cream with a unique VAO-B3 combination and several UV sunscreens.

It is essentially a day cream that shields your skin from the sun's damaging UVA and UVB radiation. It moisturises your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

The cream effectively combats dark spots and blemishes when applied twice a day.


  • Evens skin tone and improves skin clarity
  • Multiple UV protection
  • Absorbs excess oil and makes the skin look fresh
  • Sun protection
  • Works on blemishes
  • Can cause dryness

9. Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream

Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream is a pure, safe cream that goes well with oily skin.

It is non-oily, moisturises the skin, and keeps it hydrated, this is why it is considered as the best skin glowing cream.

The cream prevents pollution and gives the skin a healthy glow.


  • Fights free radicals, slowing the skin's ageing process
  • Non-sticky and gets easily absorbed into the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types and can be used in all types of weather
  • Safe and pure
  • Protects against pollution
  • Doesn't smell nice

10. NIVEA Soft Light Moisturiser Cream

This best glowing skin cream for girl from Nivea is enriched with vitamin E and jojoba oil.

The formula is fast-absorbing and invigorating and makes the skin soft and glowing.

It is non-sticky, suitable for all seasons, and can also be used on hands. 


  • Light textured cream that leaves the skin looking smooth and supple
  • Perfect no-fuss cream for regular use
  • Mild enough to be used by children as well 
  • Budget-friendly
  • All skin types and everyday use
  • Too greasy for dry skin

Buyer's Guide

A moisturising cream is the best solution for dry, flaky, or itchy skin. Creams are suitable for normal to sensitive skin because of their thinner consistency. Water-based lotions are the best choice for those with oily skin.

  • Chemical characteristics

The sun's rays induce skin pigmentation. They generate black patches on the skin by drying it out. The skin ages and in extreme situations, burns or is permanently harmed.

A face lotion with sunscreen qualities should be used to protect their skin from the sun's damaging rays. Sunscreen, regardless of kind, has been demonstrated to be a vital element of the beauty regimen, with all skincare products including at least SPF 30.

Antioxidants like chamomile, liquorice root, green tea, and others assist in keeping the skin looking young and healthy. Antioxidants also inhibit the breakdown of skin cells by neutralising the chemicals that cause them to break down. 

  • When it comes to selecting a face cream, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Even though the look of additional components appeals, the lack of some substances in face cream might be beneficial. Artificial colours and fragrances are known to irritate and harm the skin.

On the other hand, antibiotic agents strip the skin of its nutrients and natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated.It's also vital to keep in mind that what works on the body cannot work on the face because the skin on the front is more fragile.

Waxes, shea butter, lanolin, mineral oils, and other ingredients can hydrate the skin on the body but clog the pores on the face.

Things to keep in mind before buying a face cream:

  • Find out what skin type you have.

  • Determine the source of your skin issues.

  • Don't fall victim to the "Popularity Trap" regarding face creams.

  • Make sure to read the ingredient list on face creams thoroughly.

One needs to choose a day cream that nourishes, balances sebum production, and mattifies the skin. To avoid overburdening the skin, stick to light textures.

Choose hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic lotions that won't cause flare-ups for sensitive skin like red patches, irritations, allergies. Humectants attract and hold water, but face cream must also contain an emollient to get that soft, smooth finish.


Different items may help oily, dry, sensitive, regular, and mixed skin. To prevent causing excessive skin damage, it is essential to verify which components should be used and avoided.

People are increasingly turning to organic cosmetics and beauty products, so selecting a decent organic face cream is the best way to keep pollutants to a minimum while still nourishing the skin.

I hope you liked our article on Best Cream For Face Glow In India, and it must have solved your queries such as best face cream for glowing skin, daily use face cream for glowing skin, best face creams for glowing skin, or face glow cream for ladies.

frequently asked question

1. Which Indian face cream is best?

Moisturising and protecting from the sun's harmful rays are the most important things a person can do to keep their skin healthy and bright.

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel, Face Cream, and Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening Day Cream are some good creams for face glow.

2. Which cream is suitable for daily use?

Biotique Botanicals Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream, Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream, and NIVEA Soft Light Moisturiser Cream are suitable for everyday use.

They are lightweight, safe, and protect skin from pollution and UV rays.

List of Best Cream For Face Glow In India


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