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Best Affiliate Programs in India

best affiliate programs in india

Do you know you can earn money by best affiliate programs in India recommending a product to potential customers and making them buy it? Yes, you heard it right. That is what affiliate marketing is all about.

The word affiliate means to officially attach or connect to an organisation, and it is an online sales strategy.

Affiliate marketing allows the product owner and the affiliates to earn by making potential customers buy the product or service. 

In simpler terms, affiliate marketing refers to a product or service online through blogs, social networking sites, or websites. When done correctly, affiliate marketing can be a source of extra income.

Best Affiliate Programs In India (2022)

1. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

So, do you want to know how affiliate marketing works and how to earn money through it?

Here’s how! In affiliate marketing, the affiliates will receive a commission for every purchase done through the unique link provided to them by the product owner. 

For each affiliate program and company, the commission will differ.

They will receive their share of the commission whenever a purchase is made using the unique code or link provided to the affiliates.

The steps involved in affiliating marketing are mentioned below:

  • Search for a good affiliate program and join in it
  • Choose the preferable offers to promote
  • Get a unique affiliate like or code for each offer
  • Share the unique link or codes online through blogs, 
  • social networking sites, youtube channels, or websites.

2. Significance of Affiliate Marketing

There are various advantages associated with affiliate marketing which include the following:

  • Ease of work: The work of the affiliate is just to educate the customers about the product or service and guide them to purchase it. Hard tasks such as developing the product and supporting or fulfilling the orders aren’t involved in affiliate marketing.
  • Risk is low: Affiliate programs don't cost anything to join. So earning can be made easily by promoting an already established product or service without any investment.
  • Flexible earning: Affiliates can increase their earnings without hiring extra workers just by reaching out to a wider audience through their blogs, social media platforms, or affiliate marketing websites India while the current work continues to provide revenue in the background.

Best Affiliate Program in India

3. Reseller Club

Indian affiliate marketing companies, one of the biggest reseller hosting companies is the Reseller Club. The process to join as an affiliate in Reseller Club is quite simple.

It does not consist of any sign-up fees, and an affiliate manager will be allotted to each affiliate to guide them through each step.

After the completion of the sign-in process, a unique affiliate ID will be provided, and the affiliates can check their performance and manage their account with that unique ID.

  • As an affiliate marketer, one can earn from INR 2,000 to INR 8,000 per referral.
  • The company offers payments through various modes, including Paypal, Bank Transfer, etc.
  • Based on the last click, the tracking cookie is provided, and it will be valid for the next 60 days.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 50.

4. Flipkart Affiliate

One of the largest platforms for Affiliate Marketing in India is Flipkart Affiliate.

Flipkart is considered to be one of the top revenue-generating e-retail stores, providing considerable commissions to affiliate marketers depending upon the product category.

The program provides insights to users about their performance of referral links with real-time reports.

It also offers various tools for the affiliates, such as widgets, banners, and APIs, which the affiliates can use to display the Flipkart product in mobile applications or web pages.

So the job of the affiliate is to bring traffic to Flipkart products.

  • The average commission rate for each referral ranges between 6% and 20%, based on the product category.
  • There is no sign-in fee.
  • Earned money can be withdrawn either through bank deposits or through gift cards.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal through gift cards is INR 2,500 and through bank deposit is INR 5,000.
  • The cookie duration is 24 hours.

5. Amazon Associates

The world’s biggest e-commerce brand is Amazon, and Amazon Associates is one of the leading affiliate marketing programs in India.

The sign-in process for the Amazon Associates program is hassle-free; users can sign in with their existing Amazon account.

Once the sign-in process is completed, the program offers various tools that help the affiliates in promoting the products on the Amazon website. 

Once the product is purchased, Amazon provides an excellent commission to the affiliates.  

Affiliates can also utilize the site stripe and add links to the websites easily, and Amazon also permits customizing links, texts, and image links.

One of the advantages of the Amazon Associates program is that the affiliates will get the commission even if users purchase other products using the affiliate link. 

  • The average commission rate for each referral ranges between 0.2% and 10%, based on the product category.
  • There is no sign-in fee.
  • The cookie duration is 24 hours.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 2,500.

6. vCommission Affiliate

vCommission is one of the best and oldest affiliate marketing programs in India, where affiliates can earn high commissions by promoting high-ticket products.

The program also provides a few unique affiliate tools which help generate banners or links to promote the product.

The affiliate will earn a commission when users click the banner/link and purchase the product. 

The vCommission platform has collaborated with various leading e-commerce sites like Myntra, Agoda, Snapdeal, and AliExpress.

More than 18,000 affiliates are currently connected with vCommission. The only criteria to sign up and work with vCommission is that the affiliate should have a successful blog or youtube channel to promote the products.  

  • There is no sign-up fee or application fee.
  • The cookie duration varies based on the products.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 5,000, and the payment will be made through NEFT or Bank Transfer.  

7. BigRock Affiliate

BigRock is a major domain registration and web hosting company and offers one of the best affiliate programs for beginners.

In the BigRocks Affiliate program, affiliates can promote web hostings, VPS hosting, and other digital hosting services and earn massive commissions.

The program tracks the sales made using the affiliate links and rewards the affiliates based on that. 

The program offers INR 750 per sale; if the affiliate manages to sell a reseller hosting package, up to 50% commission is offered.

Some of the addons offered by BigRock are email hosting, web builder, and digital certificate services.

  • The standard commission rate begins at INR 30 and goes up to 30% for each sale based on the product purchased.
  • There is no sign-in fee.
  • The cookie duration is 60 days.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 3,200.

8. DGM India

DGM India is one of India's top digital ad networks.

After completing the sign-in process, the affiliates can promote the campaign of their choice by logging into their account.

Unique personal ID will be provided for the affiliates through which they have to promote the products and earn a commission.

The top performers will also be offered attractive rewards and bonuses apart from the commission.

Certain advertisements provide some percentage as commission while others offer a fixed fee for the promotion. DGM India affiliate program just expects the affiliates to join as publishers and work on campaigns.

  • There is no sign-up fee, and there are no hidden charges
  • The cookie duration is 30 days
  • The payment will be made on time
  • Sometimes the commission is offered in percentage, and other times, a fixed price is paid, depending on the product.

9. Yatra Affiliate

Yatra is one of India’s top travel companies. Yatra affiliations provide excellent commissions to the affiliates.

The sign-up process for the Yatra affiliate is quite simple, and the affiliates can begin their work immediately after the sign-up process.

The affiliates should promote the travel booking offers, and commissions will be provided based on the number of bookings using the personal affiliate links.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The affiliate link will be tracked within 30 days, and the affiliates will be paid their commissions.

10. Admitad 

Admitad is a leading global level affiliate network, and it links many top brands and publishers like Samsung, Tata Cliq, and Booking.com all over the world.

Admitad permits the affiliates to utilize their social media platforms, YouTube channels,  newsletters, messengers, and other sources to bring traffic to their products.

Affiliates should provide their traffic details to get approved and paid.

Some of the business models available for the affiliates to promote and monetize include contextual advertising, coupons, promo codes, and banner advertising.

Each affiliate will be provided with a unique link, and when users click that link and purchase products, the affiliates will be paid.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The cookie duration is 45 days.
  • Affiliates will be paid through bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or WebMoney.
  • For payments done through bank transfer, affiliates don't need to pay any extra charges, but for payment transfer through Paypal, Payoneer, or Bank Cards, 2% to 4% transactional charges may apply.

11. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator is one of the leading hosting providers all over the world, and the Hostgator affiliate program expects affiliates to promote the digital services offered by Hostgator.

The affiliates will be provided with coupon codes and separate tracking links.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The payment for the qualified sales will be provided to affiliates every 70 days after the month of sale.
  • The cookie duration is 60 days.

  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 3,200

12. Optimise

Optimise is one of the top performance marketing networks worldwide which works with leading brands like Paytm, Samsung, Amazon, and Agoda.

It delivers nearly $1 billion in sales to its clients. Initially, it emerged as an international brand of Affiliate and reward solution services, and it is the best place for beginners to begin their affiliate marketing career.

The affiliates can select their preferred campaign based on the audience they can promote and start earning their commission. 

The company also offers a support team to help the affiliates with technical glitches.

  • Optimise supports more than 1400 premium advertisers who are categorized into retail, telecom, finance, and travel.
  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The ads can be placed on social media platforms for maximum click-through rate.
  • The cookie duration is 30 to 60 days.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance depends on the advertisers.

13. Cuelinks

Cuelinks affiliate is said to be one of the top affiliate networks for bloggers in India. It offers various Indian products with huge commissions.

The sign-up process in Cuelinks is simple and straightforward. The affiliates can easily sign up with their email addresses and promote the products through their already existing blogs or Youtube channels.

One of the advantages of Cuelinks is that it simplifies the monetization process by enabling javascript that automatically inserts the affiliate links to the contents of affiliates. 

For example, if the affiliate’s blog is about Microwave ovens, the javascript automatically inserts microwave ad links based on the relevant keyword. With this feature, Cuelink is said to have more than 10 million clicks every month.  

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • Easy sign-up process - affiliates can just sign up using their email address.
  • The cookie duration is 7 days.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is INR 500.

14. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliates is an online advertisement and internet marketing solution with 14 branches all over the world and is one of the top affiliate networks with partnerships with major brands like GoPro, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, etc.

To ensure uninterrupted tracking, CJ Affiliates provide a cookie-less tracking facility. CJ Affiliate is the best option for beginners who have just started their career as an affiliate marketer because it provides various options for the affiliates to choose from.

Affiliates just have to select their preferred products and promote them through their blogs.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • It offers a cookie-less tracking facility.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is $50.

15. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is a performance-based affiliate marketing where the affiliates will get paid on the basis of their performance.

It is one of the top affiliating marketing service providers in India, and the sign-up process doesn’t include fees or any other charges.

Additionally, Rakuten Marketing also provides various educational tools and training for the affiliates who signed up for the affiliate marketing program to give them a jump start. 

In Rakuten, affiliates can make money through links, texts, banners, search boxes, customised deep linking, and flex linking.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • Affiliates will be paid on a weekly basis based on their performance.
  • There is no fixed payment.
  • There is no minimum payment withdrawal balance; affiliates can withdraw their money whenever they want, no matter how small the price is.

16. Sovrn Commerce

Sovrn is an online advertising firm based on technology that was formerly known as Erstwhile Viglink.

It is an ad exchange firm, but it also collects data from the users and supplies it to publishers to help them monetize by using appropriate tools and engaging with their audience.

Sovrn commerce helps the affiliates to make money by converting their normal outgoing links into affiliate links so that when any purchase is made using that link, the affiliates will get a commission from it. 

VigLink keeps 25% of the commission, and the rest, 75% commission, will be credited to the affiliate's bank account.

  • Affiliates don’t need to sign up for an individual affiliate account on all networks.
  • The cookie duration is 90 days.
  • Payment is based on the purchase made using the affiliate’s unique link.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is $25.  

17. Shopify Affiliate

Shopify is a well-known all-in-one e-commerce site. It also provides affiliate marketing programs for entrepreneurs, content creators, and influencers to start their careers successfully.

The affiliates can sign up for free and promote the products that are being sold on Shopify website. The affiliates can earn a commission for every purchase that was made through their unique referral ID.

Shopify affiliate program mainly deals with web hosting, SEO and marketing, product management, analytics, etc.

Shopify also provides partner support and critical product information, which will help the affiliates to promote the product and drive traffic.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The affiliates can build an online community through the Shopify affiliate program.
  • The cookie duration is 30 days.
  • Affiliates can earn numerous referral commissions and help the business to grow on the Shopify website.
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is $25.

18. eBay Affiliate

eBay is one of the leading affiliate marketing service providers in India and is considered to be one of the highest-paid programs.

The sign-up process is easy and simple and does not include any fee or other charges. The affiliates are expected to promote the products or services using the unique links provided to them.

With every purchase made using the links, the affiliates will get the commission. Affiliates can earn nearly 12% commission for each sale. 

The eBay affiliate program provides various tools to help the affiliates; this includes ad groups, APIs, and Postbacks or pixels.

  • The average commission on eBay affiliate programs ranges between 50% and 70%.
  • There is no sign-up fee
  • The cookie duration is 24 hours
  • The URL age of the eBay affiliate program is 1 year.

19. Go Daddy Affiliate

Go Daddy is a well-known name on the Internet that offers a variety of domains and web hosting plans to customers, and it offers one of the best affiliate programs in India.

Through this affiliate marketing program, affiliates have the probability of earning 15 - 100% commission on every product that is purchased through their unique registered referral links.

After completing the sign-up process, GoDaddy provides the affiliates with various tools required to grow their business online. 

Through a simple copy-paste method, affiliates can earn through hundreds of ads and text links in GoDaddy and place them on their blogs or affiliate websites in India.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • Hundreds of ads or text links are available, and the affiliates can select their preferred ad based on their audience.
  • The cookie duration is 45 days
  • The minimum payment withdrawal balance is $100

20. Bluehost Affiliate

Bluehost is a well-known web hosting provider in India, and it also offers affiliate marketing programs through which affiliates can earn an excellent commission.

In the Bluehost affiliate program, the cookie duration is 3 months which increases the earning chances of the affiliates.

The program is also popular for offering WordPress setup and SSL certificates. 

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The cookie duration is 3 months. 
  • Payments are sent through Paypal accounts, and affiliates can withdraw their earnings through their Paypal account. 
  • The first payment will be provided only after acquiring 2 referral credits. The further payment withdrawal has no restrictions; the affiliates can withdraw money whenever they want.

21. Shopclues Affiliate

Shopclues is an online marketplace where unstructured categories of home and kitchen utensils, fashion, electronics, and daily utility items are available at an affordable price.

Shopclues also offers an affiliate program where users can earn by referring a product to potential customers.

The sign-up process is easy, and the application will be approved within 24 hours. 

After the approval of the application, candidates can log in to their account, choose their preferred product based on their audience and promote the product.

Once a purchase is made with the unique link of the affiliate, the commission will be given.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The cookie duration is 24 hours.
  • Nearly 10% is provided as commission for every sale made through the unique referral link of the affiliate.
  • There is no minimum payment withdrawal balance. Affiliates can withdraw their money whenever they want, no matter how small the price is.

22. Planet Express Affiliate

Planet Express is one of the leading freight and courier service-based companies.

It also provides affiliate programs where affiliates can earn by referring their products or services to potential customers.

The sign-up process is easy and does not include fees or other extra charges.

After completing the sign-up process, candidates can start earning commissions by referring their products or services to as many people as possible. 

With every purchase made using the unique referral link of affiliates, a commission will be provided to the affiliates.

  • There is no sign-up fee.
  • The payment will be provided to affiliates through their Paypal account
  • Affiliates can also redeem their payment using their shopping credits.

Methods of Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing might seem like a complex job for beginners because they don’t understand the basic concept of affiliate marketing and how it works. Affiliate marketing is nothing but a form of online earning which doesn’t require a huge sum of investment.

Affiliate marketing can be done through various mediums like email, social media, WhatsApp marketing, youtube channels, paid advertisements, and blogging.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the primary forms of affiliate marketing because it helps to gain the customer’s trust and identify their needs and requirements.

It will thus help in identifying the potential customers and selling the products to them accordingly.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is said to be an effective tool to promote products or services since it reaches a large audience in a relatively short time.

In recent days, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are said to bring huge traffic to the sites and are extensively used for marketing by creating engaging posts.

3. Whatsapp Marketing

In recent times, WhatsApp Marketing has proved to be one of the effective ways of affiliate marketing because people usually do not ignore WhatsApp messages.

Hence WhatsApp marketing can be effectively done by creating a WhatsApp business profile, creating a group to promote the product, and sharing the unique referral links in those groups.

4. Blogging

Blogs are informative and effective in sharing useful information. Hence blogging is considered to be one of the effective means of affiliate marketing where the potential customers are blog readers.

So the affiliate should categorize the product they are trying to promote according to their audience.  

Other methods used to promote affiliate marketing include webinars, SEO, Coupons, and reviews.

5. Webinars

Webinars are the best way to introduce a product in the market because webinars usually consist of customers of various types, and it will result in the mass promotion of the product to various types of customers.

6. SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation, which means analyzing the search results in the search engine and optimizing the search result for the product which will increase its ranking in the search engine.

Products ranked high will be displayed at the top when users search for the product, increasing the click count on the product.

7. Coupons

The readers and audience can easily be attracted by offering various offers, discounts, and coupons.

So it is said to be one of the best ways to promote a product or service. 

8. Reviews

The number of reviews on a product will help in gaining the trust of the audience. The more the number of reviews, the more the customers will trust the product and buy it.

Hence promoting products with excellent reviews will help increase product sales.

What is the future of Affiliate Marketing?

To be honest, the scope of affiliate marketing in India is very bright and blooming because, in recent times, organizations, including both large scale and small scale, use affiliate marketing to promote their products or services and increase the sale, and they are ready to spend crores of money in affiliate marketing because it is positively affecting the business.

Over 15% to 20% of the total online sales are due to affiliate marketing. IAMAI has predicted that by the year 2025, the affiliate marketing industry in India will cross over $835 million.

And many online businesses are booming these days, which will keep the scope of affiliate marketing high in India because people prefer buying a huge range of things online, and companies are ready to pay for affiliate marketing to increase their sales.

Payment Methods to Make Payments to Affiliates in India and Worldwide

There are many types of payment methods to pay affiliates in India and all over the world, among which the four main forms include pay per click, pay per action, pay per impression, and a two-tier affiliate program.

1. Pay per click

Pay per click is a form of payment made to affiliate marketers where the affiliates will add the link to their blogs.

The affiliates will be paid their share of the commission whenever readers click on the link and navigate to the product page.

In this form of payment, a purchase doesn’t have to be made for the affiliate to get a commission; the company will provide a commission for the traffic the affiliate is bringing to their website, which will increase their sale.

2. Pay per action

Most of the affiliates are paid using this form of payment.

Pay per action means that the affiliates will share the promoting link in their blog, social media platforms, youtube channels, etc., and will be paid a commission when the user clicks the link and purchases the product or service.

The company will track the purchase to the unique referral link of that affiliate and pay them a commission for the sale.

3. Pay per Impression

People who own huge blog pages can opt for this type of payment where the affiliate will allow the company to place ads on their blog pages.

The payment will be done based on the number of views or impressions made on the ads; a purchase isn’t required for the affiliates to get paid.

They just need more audience to view the ad, which will increase the traffic to the product owner's website.

It is effective because the ads will be placed on the relevant blog posts, so there are high chances for the readers to get the product. 

4. Two-tier Affiliate Program

A two-tier Affiliate Program is when a company uses two forms of affiliate program to pay the affiliates.

For example, Amazon uses both Pay Per Click and Pay Per Action types of payment for Amazon associates.


Best affiliate programs in India is one of the blooming careers for entrepreneurs and is definitely bringing revolutionary changes in online business.

In recent times almost all the online businesses started to adopt affiliate programs to drive traffic to their website and increase sales of their product.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to start a career because it helps to earn huge amounts without prior investment. Choosing the right affiliate network helps the affiliates to earn more money in a short span of time.

So candidates who are looking for the right job to begin their career without investing much can kick start their career with affiliate marketing and start earning immediately.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the highest-paying affiliate program?

In India, one of the highest-paying affiliate programs is eBay, where the average compensation ranges from 50% to 70%.

In this affiliate program, affiliates can earn up to 12% commission for every sale made using their unique ID. To join in eBay affiliate program, candidates need not pay subscription fees or any extra charges. 

Q2. Which affiliate program is the best?

According to the 2021 best affiliate program ranking, the CJ Affiliate program is the best affiliate program in India, among others.

CJ Affiliate has partnered with various other programs from different verticals. CJ Affiliate is very beneficial because it offers cookie-less tracking, and the minimum payment withdrawal balance through direct deposit is $50 and through check is $100.

Q3. Which is the number 1 affiliate program?

Flipkart affiliate program is the largest and number 1 affiliate program in India because it offers various affiliate tools such as widgets, banners, and APIs in order to display Flipkart products in the blogs of the affiliates.

The cookie duration is 24 hours, and there is no cost involved with the registration process.  

Q4. Which affiliate marketing is best for beginners?

In India, the Amazon affiliate program is considered to be the best option for beginners who are just beginning their careers as affiliate marketers because, in Amazon, the affiliates need not worry about reaching a higher sales volume in order to bag higher commissions.

The cookie duration is 24 hours and there is no payment associated with signing in to the Amazon affiliate program. 

Q5. Is affiliate marketing easy?

There is no cost involved in signing up in most of the affiliate programs, so affiliate marketing is low risk.

After the registration process, the candidates can simply start earning money by promoting the products associated with the program, and commissions will be provided for every purchase made using the candidate’s unique ID

Hence, learning affiliate marketing is not a difficult task.

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