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Ben 10 Alien Names

Ben 10 Aliens Names
June 30, 2022

Want to know Ben 10 Aliens Names? Well, don't worry you came to the right place, check our easy-to-read article.

Ben 10 is an American television series developed by Man of Action Studios. Cartoon Network Studios produces the Ben 10 series.

Ben Tennyson is a teenage guy who stars in the Ben 10 series. He discovers the Omnitrix, an alien-like apparatus. The device resembles a wristwatch but contains alien DNA.

He transforms into an alien with the help of the Omnitrix and fights against all other aliens and people who want to destroy the globe and have Omnitrix's power.

Ben 10 Alien list


Armodrillo is a ten-foot-tall yellow alien with a robotic-like defensive body. Armodrillo can split the Earth. And he also can drill with his hands.


Benmummy is known initially as Snare-oh. Snare-oh can quickly regenerate and recover from various injuries, including being torn to pieces into confetti by a large fan.


Benvicktor was originally named Frankenstrike. Benvicktor can make his physical assaults more powerful by charging them with electricity.


Benwolf's heightened senses of smell and hearing let him track and notice things quickly. He also has increased speed and power. He also has been considered one of the best at night vision.

Big Chill

Big Chill can breathe out a gas, wind, beam, or vapour that reduces the temperature around it and create ice structures in mid-air or upon touching an aim, or fully wrap any of his targets in ice.


Cannonbolt is a massive alien with broad shoulders and natural yellow armour plates on his back, shoulders, and arms.

Instead of bulging palms, he now has flat palms, hexagonal yellow bolts on his body, and three plates on his back.


Diamondhead's lower body, torso, and top of the head were made of blue crystal with black lines and dots over it. He had six crystal shards on his back rather than four, and he had two more on the front of his chest. 


By cloning himself in a straight line and building a chain of Dittos, Ditto may extend his reach across a considerable distance. Ditto is the only alien that Ben has manually (and mistakenly) unlocked.

Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo can always use sonic waves to build strong force shields to contain a nuclear fusion grenade explosion. Use his sonic waves to push stuff around as well.

Eye guy

Eye Guy's eyes may move around his body and merge to produce various beams. He can fire a more powerful optic blast.

Four Arms

Four Arms is a muscular alien with a height of about twelve feet. Four Arms' structure allows him to use whatever big a weapon


Ghostfreak can take control of his enemies' bodies and control their movements to the point where he can make them fly like him, allowing him to bang them against walls or hit them.

Grey Matter

Grey Matter's tiny size allows him to fit into tight areas, and due to minuscule pads on his skin, he can climb walls.


Heatblast can swim and use his powers underwater but at a reduced power level. Despite being a fire-based alien, he can even breathe underwater.


A humungousaur is a dinosaur about twelve feet tall and looks human. Humungousaur can change the size and mass of their body


Ripjaws has the unique ability to transform his legs into a fish's tail and back, giving him a merman-like look. Ripjaws can unhinge his jaws, allowing him to stuff much stuff into his mouth.


Spitter may spit out a concentrated spray of incredibly slippery slime after swelling into a ball-like shape. He is prone to sliding on his slime.


Stinkfly has 360-degree vision because he can transfer two of his eyes to the back of his head while keeping the other two at the front.


Swampfire wields a flamethrower-like ability to ignite methane in his palms. He burns methane from yellow holes in his palms after the blossoms.


Upchuck is an amoeba-like monster that looks strangely humanoid. The lips of upchucks can extend, allowing them to consume more oversized items than they are.


An upgrade is amorphous due to his ability to transform between liquid and solid forms. Even though Upgrade is a trustworthy entity, the nanites that make up his body allow him to change and move like a liquid.

Water Hazard

Water Hazard can shoot high-pressure water blasts out of the portholes in his hands. Water Hazard is adamant, surviving seemingly painless collisions with walls.


Way Big is compelling (for his size), capable of hurling things into orbits from planets with atmospheres as thick as Earth's.


Wildmutt looks like a vast orange dog. By smelling anything or someone, Wildmutt can hunt them down. Wildmutt's great skill is his ability to sense.


Wildvine is a plant that looks like a human. Like a natural plant, Wildvine can grow and change the size of his body, but he can also retract it at will.


XLR8 can reach speeds of 500 miles per hour in two seconds by using the orbs on his feet. XLR8 is capable of climbing walls and running on water.


Ampfibian is a blue extraterrestrial that looks like a jellyfish. Ampfibian can fly and is quick enough to avoid attacks while in the air.


Arctiguana is a cold-blooded alien with no feelings. Arctiguana can breathe ice via his mouth and use a long-range freeze beam to isolate targets in ice.


Bloxx's default appearance resembles a gorilla, mainly composed of red and yellow construction pieces. Bloxx's shapeshifting abilities allow him to turn into a variety of forms.


Brainstorm has the looks of something like a pale orange crab. He can mentally perform complex calculations in a matter of seconds. From his brain, Brainstorm can generate electric field waves.


The appearance of Buzzshock is comparable to that of an Earth dry cell battery. Buzzshock has the ability to control electricity.


Chromastone is a silicon-based extraterrestrial that is composed of very tough crystals. Many forms of energy, such as lasers, electricity, and radio waves, can pass through Chromastone.


Clockwork is a golden metal-skinned creature that looks like a robot. Green time rays can be fired from Clockwork's hands or breast.


Grasshopper appears to be eager to fight and even enthusiastic at times. Grasshopper has the ability to jump exceptionally far. His legs can also kick with a lot of power.


Eagle stands ten feet tall. Eagle can consume almost anything and then turn the stuff into energy, which he uses to fire a green laser beam.


Fasttrack is an alien that looks like a feline. Fasttrack has the ability to increase his speed while running.


Feedback is capable of absorbing and redirecting energy attacks, the most common of which is electricity. His shoulders, arms, and hips are likewise covered in gold battery bolts.


Goop is a single-celled organism weighing in at 200 pounds. Goop can make slime and shoot it out of any area of his body. It's possible that the slime he makes is acidic or sticky.


Jetray is a red, humanoid alien who looks like a manta ray. He glides in the air with little to no flapping and easily accelerates to high speeds.

Jury Rigg

He glides in the air with little to no flapping and easily accelerates to high speeds. Juryrigg is tough to control since he has a tremendous drive to break and remake machines.


Lodestar hands are shaped like crab claws. Lodestar can project magnetic fields that can overload electrical circuits and draw magnetic materials to him


At full growth, Nanomech stands roughly a centimetre tall. Nanotech has the ability to shrink to minuscule scales at command. Nanotech has the ability to fly.


NRG is a humanoid alien with a humanoid appearance. He's dressed in a hefty, dark green-teal confinement suit that looks like it came from an oven.

While within his armour, NRG is capable of producing radioactive energy using his hands.


Rath is an alien who stands roughly nine feet tall. Rath has the personality of a professional wrestler. Rath's muscle-over-brains mentality causes him to argue with everyone unnecessarily.


Shocksquatch resembled a yeti-like creature with a robust, muscular build. From any of the bolts on Shocksquatch's body, he can generate powerful, yellow electrical charges.

Spider Monkey

Spidermonkey is a little alien that looks like a monkey. Spidermonkey is a witty character who cracks jokes at unexpected times throughout the battle.


Terrapin is a green alien that looks like a turtle. Terrapin has the ability to create tornadoes and powerful wind blasts. Terrapin's shell has holes that spew tremendous winds.


Ben 10, a cartoon that featies on the TV channel Cartoon Network, is loved by kids and teens alike. This blog gives you a comprehensive list of all the updated Ben 10 aliens names.

I hope you liked our article on ben 10 aliens. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many aliens are there in BEN 10?

There are ten original 'Ben 10' aliens, and the 'Omnitrix' has extra aliens. With each new season of the series, the number of aliens rises, starting with 10 in the original 'Ben 10' and expanding to over 57 in 'Ben 10: Ultimate Alien' and 'Ben 10: Omniverse.'

2. What was Ben 10 first alien?

Heatblast was the first alien Ben became after discovering the Omnitrix. Heatblast, the Omnitrix's sample of the Pyronite species, was essentially a live magma creature. For him, he also more than lived up to Ben's name. 

3. Who is Ben 10's favourite alien?

Heatblast is Ben's favourite alien. Ben uses the Humongosaur alien for transition. Also, Ben loves Rath for roasting.

Cannonbolt: At first, Ben despised this metamorphosis, but he grew to appreciate it, and it was the only one from the original arsenal to gain an Ultimate form.


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