A2Hosting Review – Why this one is my NEW Favorite Hosting

After doing digital marketing for over 7+ years, i have tried almost all popular hostings out there.

Be it godaddybluehosthostgatorDigitalocean and many more.

Earlier i thought Digital Ocean was the best as its a VPS so you get the whole server for yourself that means a faster site.

But i was wrong.

In 2019 i was reading a lot of great reviews about A2 hosting, so i gave it a try (i am still using siteground hosting for majority of my sites).

And today many of my sites are hosted on A2 Hosting

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You know why?

Because its amazzzingg.

Shifting to A2 was one of the best decision of my life. 

If you want any sort of web site available 24*7 to people from all the corners of the world with decent speed and availability, then let's face it.

If you are serious about your website and especially if you want a website for commercial purposes, then it would definitely be a wise decision to invest in a really good web host.

Considering that this is possibly the first site you are going to host, you definitely need to be aware of the basic essential information, what exactly is web hosting anyway?

Google loves a fast-loading website. So A2 hosting helped me make my websites load faster and their support is absolutely mind blowing.

Being a website owner you are bound to have issues with your site, now wither you can pay a wordpress expert to correct them or use the knowledgeable A2 Hosting support staff who do everything for free and that too  in just few minutes.

Why You Should Think of Getting a Web Host

In order to have a properly functioning website, you do need to invest in a proper web host. Fortunately, web hosting isn’t at all expensive and you can host one rather cheaply. The primary advantages of having a website are as follows:

  • You enjoy greater control

If you are hosting your site on a free platform like Blogger or WordPress you need to adhere to their temps of service for hosting your website.

Reality is replete with owners of many websites that were generating great profits being taken down as their service provider felt there is a breach of the terms of service. If you are the least bit serious about your web presence you simply cannot take this risk.

Under such circumstances, if your websites do indeed get restored in some time, you risk losing valuable business and causing irritation and annoyance to your customers.

  • You can customize your site far more

Another major disadvantage of free hosting is that they offer only co-branding where you need to share the branding with that of the free host. This, in turn, lowers your credibility levels and affects the overall customer experience with you as a brand.

With free hosting the number of customization you can carry out on your site Is really limited with limited access to plugins or similar tools that will help you in growing your website. With web hosts typically you are only limited by your creativity.

  • Better website safety

Site security is always a concern if you are not hosting your site in a paid web host.

This is due to the fact that you do not really enjoy the freedom to choose security plugins and CMS options besides other features that go towards determining security levels of your site. 

A2 Hosting

Based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, A2 web hosting is an independent company that is a global player in the web hosting companies scene.

They are well known for their particularly high performing service which is centered on speed along with quality support.

A2 Hosting

The services offered by A2 hosting encompasses the full spectrum of web hosting solution and ranges from Linux hosting which is what most businesses use for their websites to VPS, Cloud WordPress, and even dedicated server solutions.

The price of A2 hosting is SAME as that of godaddy or bluehost. So you get a blazing fast site, free migration, ultra awesome support and so much more at the same price. 

Also, if you are not happy with the hosting  you get a 30 day refund guarantee

Now you know that i make my living from my websites. 

Even a few hour of downtime loses me a lot of money. So if i am trusting my business and all my sites on A2 Hosting then there must be a reason behind it right?

Its not just me who loves A2 Hosting, there are thousands of other webmaster who have rated A2 Hosting a #1 The sheer speed and performance of the service.

Here are all the reasons why i recommend A2 Hosting to all my clients and readers:

A2 Hosting Review - Why I host all my 7+ websites on A2 Hosting Hosting

Reason 1: The sheer speed and performance of the service

With the kind of options open to net users these days with more and more businesses hitting the internet and all varieties of content,

Your site stands a really slim chance of making netizens wait even a bit too long because of a slow-performing web host. If your web page doesn’t load really fast chances are you are losing out on a lot of traffic.

A slow web host is of no good no matter how many additional features and options it comes with. Our test site with the following characteristics loaded in just 1.3 seconds.

  • The landing page was created with Elementor and was replete with images and special styling
  • The site had the special A2 optimized install which features special caching and other optimizations in performance
  • The plan used for the tests was the Turbo Web Hosting plan offered by the company
  • Settings were, by and large, left unchanged from the default A2 optimized settings

The site loaded in a matter of 1.25 seconds when tests were carried through Pingdom Tools.

A2 Hosting : Average Load Time ( Last 10 Month )

A2 Hosting Uptime

This might not be the fastest there is in the market but it's still pretty darn fast for the kind of money you spend on the A2 hosting plan

When I tested the site through GTmetrix the load times were a similar 1.3 seconds when using the Vancouver test server in Canada of GTmetrix.

The last speed test I carried out on the host was determining the TTFB or time to first byte which basically is the time a server takes to respond to a particular request. 

This was done through ByteCheck’s several tests and the time stood consistently at ~90 ms.

To sum things up A2 Hosting is in terms of speed as good as things get in the industry and can be compared to the best there is which is pretty impressive for the costs it comes with. Though there might be even better performers A2 hosting a really good option at its price.

Reason 2: The Server Uptimes

The server uptime is another crucial parameter on which web hosts are to be judged. The uptime refers to the time in percentage the server remains available and your website is available to netizens for browsing

Obviously the higher the uptime the better it is for your website. I had put A2 hosting to the test with our sample albeit test website for several months in order to analyze the uptime better. 

We must say the uptimes of A2 hosting were among the best in the industry, within most months with uptime of 100% which impressed me greatly, I must say.

However, it should be noted that there indeed the odd months with lapses in web connectivity for a few minutes taking down the month’s uptime to 99.98% or thereabouts.

To summarize A2’s showing on the uptime front we might say that the company keeps good its promise of 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Reason 3: Support

Support is another great criterion on which the assessments of web hosts are made. This is one thing you are going to need sooner or later and short response times for your queries or issues are what you want

A2 hosting makes the support component of its service available 24*7 through the following communication channels:

  • Live chat
  • Tickets
  • Phone

In order to test the availability of support, we started a live chat conversation on a Sunday night at 11 pm as per the company’s location during the festive season which is as hard a test for support availability as things get. 

Even under such stressful timings, we got a reply from a company representative in under 3 minutes.

But there’s a catch! In the case of A2 hosting if you want priority support you will have to shell out extra money for it $19.99 to be exact, even if you have a top tier plan.

A2 Hosting Reviews
A2 Hosting Review
A2 Hosting Review
A2 Hosting Review

It is to be noted that discounts are applicable only for the first billing cycle.
However, our experiment with A2 hosting was without the priority support and that was good enough for most web host customers. 

Still, it seems a bit unfair to me that while in most other leading web hosts you get priority support with a top tier plan, you don’t do so with A2.

Reason 4: Cost 

In absolute terms, the cost of A2 Hosting web hosting plans is nothing exorbitant but none the less in comparative terms the prices are indeed on the higher side vis a vis shared hosting plans offered by other web hosting companies.

Their prices tend to come down by half for the initial year. The Lite plan offered by the company comes at ₹566.71 per month which cannot be afforded by all. With discounts, the costs come down to ₹209.68/month for the Lite plan.

The pricing of their shared hosting plans are as follows:

  • Lite

Supports a single website for ₹209.68/ month. You get 5 databases, free SSL, unlimited storage and unlimited transfer of data. If you are a beginner starting up with a single website then this is definitely the plan for you!

  • Swift 

This plan will set you back by ₹262.17/month but will give you features like unlimited websites and databases. This is their most popular plan as the difference in price between Lite and Swift plans is really small while the latter offers significant benefits.

  • Turbo

Costing you ₹498.36 per month, this plan offers you unlimited websites and databases in addition to the special turbo speed and site accelerator features from A2. Other than that most of the other features are the ones you would get with Swift like free SSL and unlimited databases and storage.

For detailed information on pricing check out the table we have created below:

A2 Hosting Plans

One of the best things about A2 hosting is the money-back guarantee they give which is flexible without ever failing to impress. You can get a full refund within 30 days of signing up for a plan. 

But the best thing about A2 hosting is that even if you quit their service midway through a plan they would still refund the amount charged for the months you did not use. In industry terms, this is referred to as a pro-rated refund.  

Reason 5: Great shared hosting features

For my review, I tested the shared hosting plans which are found in three variants viz. Lite, Swift, and Turbo.

Swift is the recommended A2 shared hosting plan for most users but if you are willing to spend more for a 20x improvement in speed than the other shared hosting plans and the A2 site accelerator then the Turbo plan is highly recommended

The following table illustrates the features of each plan:













SSL & SSD Speed Boost




Turbo Server




Pre-configured Site Caching












Money-Back Guarantee




Reason 6: Plenty of optional add-ons

Like some of the other hosting companies, A2 hosting too offers a wide range of optional add-ons or rather features that you can add to your plan if you are going to need them. 

The add-ons offered by A2 hosting include the priority support for $19.99, the Swift plan for only an additional $2, besides an Alpha SSL for $4.16.

These options are available not only at checkout but you can also avail of them from your cPanel control interface.

Reason 7: Security features like free SSL

These days thanks to the importance placed on SSL/TLS by web giants like Google it has become an essential security feature for your website. 

In fact, all of the shared hosting plans offered by A2 hosting comes with a free SSL certificate which helps to protect your domain. In fact, the Lets Encrypt SSL certificate offered by A2 might be completely free. 

But it's still as good as any other SSL certificate you can buy from the market.

If you are not really acquainted with how to get your SSL certificate that comes free from the company all you need to do is to drop in a mail to A2’s quality support or raise a ticket and voila! The A2 folks will set it up for you without you having to do anything.

With it, that prized green padlock in your web browser is yours making you look more cool and professional, besides adding to site security. 

Reason 8: WordPress Auto-Installer

Taking the convenience of having a WordPress installation to new heights, A2 hosting comes with having the option for your hosting space coming with a pre-installed WordPress installation just by selecting a drop-down option during checkout. 

This means that money-back which almost every web host offers these days are also not required for you to install WordPress on your shared hosting server.

This comes really handy if you are beginner out to set up his first web site

A2 Managed WordPress Hosting

But one thing you should note about installing A2 optimized WordPress is that your max memory limit is 40MB instead of the standard 250MB. 

This might not be a factor is your site does not have heavy traffic but it definitely is an issue for more popular sites. 

Advanced users can change this setting with ease but beginners will have to research quite a bit in order to increase this max memory limit.

Reason 9: Special A2 Optimized WordPress Installation

The really special thing about A2 hosting especially when it concerns WordPress installations is their A2 optimized WordPress installation variant which they provide an option besides regular, plain vanilla WordPress. 

In the former, the hosting company adds the following page speed performance boosters right from the start. These include things like database and page caching JS/CSS/HTML minification and gzip page compression besides image compression. 

A2 Optimizer WP

It also is equipped with additional security features like reCAPTCHA on login and comment forms besides non-standard login pages URL.

Definitely, you can always add the mentioned functionality through plugins but having them built-in to the system offers a couple of special advantages like:

  • It will really suit you if you are a beginner and don’t want to sweat too much to implement advanced performance and security features.
  • It will also lessen the chance of your site breaking as a result of having too many parts one of which may at some time malfunction.

The on-boarding process of A2 hosting is missing out on detailed information. Indeed the company would have done well to furnish additional detailed information about your account that you will likely need a bit further down the line. 

While you can always get the required information from A2 support, it would have been even better for A2 to have sent you the required information right at the beginning. 

Reason 10: Backup and Restoration, Free Migration and Choice of Datacenter 

In order to help you make certain that your data remains safe A2 provides you with a special backup/restore tool which is really helpful when things go wrong and can be accessed through the cPanel

A2 hosting also comes with another special feature they call Server Rewind which lets you restore particular files and folders with real ease.

A2 hosting really makes life easy for new customers including the people who want to migrate to the company’s servers from their existing web hosts. As a part of this, the company offers free migration

To start the process all you have to do is to sign up for the service and get in touch with customer support and they will guide you through the few steps that you need to undertake.

A2 hosting also you the great flexibility of choosing your server or datacenter location. You have 4 options to choose from in this. They are as follows:

  • Arizona, US
  • Michigan, US
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Singapore

This is especially beneficial for you if you want to have a special focus on users from particular locations. 

This is due to the fact that physical proximity of servers does indeed mean a significant boost in speed as the information needs to to travel a lesser amount of distance through physical wires. 

For worldwide audiences, you might need additional measures to boost loading times but for regional audiences, the above strategy works really great.


If you are looking for really good value for money and the best balance between affordability and speed or performance

A2 hosting is definitely a good choice due to the numerous benefits it comes with like great performance, uptimes that leave you impressed and of course, great support.

It is particularly great for you if you are looking to host a large number of websites thanks to the unlimited storage and databases and the various fixes introduced to boost speed.

The Swift plan as offered by the company is particularly affordable and good but there are better options open to you if you want to host one website only.

This was it from my end

I can write 10 more reasons why you should select A2 Hosting over any other host, in the end decision is yours.

If you want to sign up with A2 Hosting, click the link below and get yourself a ultra fast hosting for your site.

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